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Plumber smiling holding a clipboard with text "starting a plumbing business?"

Starting a Plumbing Business?

  Starting a new business is always exciting, and the time and effort that you put into it is rewarded when you secure your first client or make your first sale. If you’re starting an independent handyman or plumbing business, you may not have the room to store all of your tools, materials, and equipment […]

Woman holding lock of storage unit with text "How to Properly Store Furniture"

How to Properly Store Furniture

If you have large pieces of furniture that you want to put into storage, there are some things to consider before you pack up the couch or dining room table and drop them off at your local self-storage facility. At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we want to make the process as easy as possible […]

Moving boxes filled with objects and clothes normally found at a dorm

Heading Home for the Summer?

As a college student, your focus during the month of April is to finish your classes strong and get ready for finals in May. If you’re heading home for the summer once the semester is over, you want to be sure that anything you leave behind will be safe and sound until you return. Whether […]

Room filled with moving boxes and a large mirror on against the wall

Just Moved to North Philadelphia?

Moving across the country can be quite the experience and once you reach your new city, you want to settle in as quickly as possible. However, once you arrive at your new house or apartment, you may find that you don’t have as much storage space as you previously thought. When that happens, it’s important […]

Several stacked boxes with text "safely store your retail inventory"

Safely Store Your Retail Inventory

Starting a new business can be very challenging, but also very rewarding. If you’re making and selling a physical product, you probably only have a few made when you begin marketing them. As you get more orders, you might move into manufacturing products en masse, but as more products are finished, you may not have […]

Small white moving truck with EZ Storage logo

Drive-Through Self Storage Units Makes Life Easier

At EZ Storage, our goal is to make storage as easy and as stress free as possible. We know that the idea of packing things up, bringing them to a self-storage unit, and unloading them isn’t your favorite notion, but with our convenient hours and drive-through access, you can be in and out in no […]

Furnished office with text "storing office furniture and electronics"

Storing Office Furniture and Electronics

If you’re planning to move your office to a new location, or you’re building a new office, chances are you may need to store some furniture and electronics for a short time. You might be buying new furniture and computers for the new location, and that means you need to store the old items until […]

A brown and white loveseat in a yellow painted room

The Five Best Things to Put in Storage

People use self-storage for all types of reasons, and at EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we love helping people find the right unit for the right purpose. No matter how many items you have or how long you need to store them, we can show you our selection of storage spaces and assist you with renting […]

Baseball player autographing a baseball with text "safely store your baseball memorabilia"

Safely Store Your Baseball Memorabilia

Baseball is America’s pastime, and there are millions of pieces of memorabilia that collectors all over the world find and treasure for years. If you’re a collector who has countless items that you need to keep safe, a self-storage unit could be the ideal choice. You may have cards, gloves, balls, jerseys, and more, and […]

Man riding atv with text "Getting Your Recreational Vehicles Ready for Summer"

Getting Your Recreational Vehicles Ready for Summer

It may only be the beginning of April, but now is the perfect time to begin thinking about your summer plans. Perhaps you and the family are going to take a vacation, or maybe you’re going to look for something fun to do around St. Louis. There are plenty of outdoor activities to do during […]