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Rent A Storage Unit The First of the Year

The New Year is just a little over three weeks away, and you’re hopefully excited for what the turning of the calendar to another year will bring. The first of the year may be the first time you’re able to sit down and relax in some time, especially after the hubbub of the holidays. It […]


Moving Out for the First Time

When you were a teenager, you probably couldn’t wait to move out of your parents’ house and start your own life. You may have enjoyed living at home, but the freedom of living on your own was just too appealing. However, when the time came to move out, you realized how much stuff you had […]

Start Thinking About Post-Holiday Storage Now

Start Thinking About Post-Holiday Storage Now

It might be hard to believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and that the holiday season is starting, and you may already have plenty to do and to get ready for. At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we believe that it’s never too early to begin thinking about post-holiday storage, and if you’ve been going back and […]

Taking the Winter Off From Touring

Taking the Winter Off From Touring?

There are countless people out there who dream of being in a band and touring the country, but in reality, only a handful ever actually do it. If you’re one of those who pursued your dream, formed a band, and has played all across the US, then you’re likely looking forward to starting each new […]

what will you need to get out of your storage unit

What Will You Need to Get Out of Your Storage Unit?

When you’re considering renting a self-storage unit, you first think about what you can put in the space. You may have boxes and tubs in the garage or basement that are prime candidates for storage, and at EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we can help you find the ideal unit for your belongings. However, it’s important […]

Event Planning and the Holiday Season

Event Planning and the Holiday Season

Summer and fall can be a great time for events, and if you’re an event planner, then you’ve likely just finished your busy season. September and October may offer a bit of a reprieve, but with the holidays right around the corner, you might be looking at a second busy season of the year. At […]

Moving in Together_ Take Time to Organize_

Moving in Together? Take Time to Organize!

If you’re in a committed relationship, then sooner or later the question of moving in together will likely arise. You may be ready to cohabitate, while your partner is not (or vice versa), but when you’re both prepared to find a place, it’s important to be organized and logical about moving your belongings. At EZ […]

Why do We Keep Belongings_

Why Do We Keep Belongings?

If you’re someone who holds onto belongings, then you likely have a good reason for doing so. You know that certain things are worth keeping, such as a family heirloom or a souvenir that you bought on a memorable trip with friends or family. You want to make sure these items are safe, and at […]


Taking an End-of-Summer Vacation?

For most people, vacation time comes in June and July when the kids are out of school and there’s more flexibility in the schedule to travel somewhere. However, you may not have kids, or your kids may be grown and out of the house, so you save your vacation for the end of the summer […]

Traveling For Business This Fall-featimg

Traveling for Business This Fall?

trips, industry conferences, and more. You’ve had a few months of downtime and working in the office, but now you’re ready to hit the road to meet new customers. Whether you’re a salesperson, a product representative, or an executive, your autumn is likely to be filled with lots of traveling. At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, […]