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Student Storage

EZ Storage® makes college life a breeze! You can store your dorm room furniture for the summer, store everything that doesn’t fit in the dorm during the semester, or store what doesn’t fit on the plane for your year of studying abroad. Our goal is to make self-storage an easy and stress-free experience so you can focus on what matters most! We have locations in three different states and serve countless colleges and universities, so if you need student storage for one month, two months, or the entire semester, we’re here to help!

Our storage solutions offer many benefits, including:

Renting with Friends

For many college students, it can be a challenge to come up with the money to pay for a storage unit. By renting a unit with friends or roommates, you can split the cost while also creating more space in your dorm or apartment. If you’ve lived in a residence hall for a semester but are now moving into an apartment with friends, you may have certain things that won’t fit in your new room but that you don’t want to get rid of. Instead of trying to find space in the house or apartment, bring them to EZ Storage®! Your roommates can also bring some of their extra stuff, and you can rent a unit for as long as you need.

Studying Abroad

Many students are excited by the opportunity to study abroad, but only a handful actually apply for their school’s program. If you’re one of those who’s taking the leap and heading to Europe for a semester, you need a secure place to store your belongings. Instead of asking your friend if you can store your furniture in their basement, or having mom or dad come to pick everything up, keep it safe in one of our units. We even have climate-controlled units for those special items!

Going Home for the Summer

If you live in the dorms and have to move out at the end of each year before you go home, you probably don’t want to haul everything with you, and a storage unit can be a great solution. You can rent a unit for one or two months, and your things will be safe and sound until the fall semester starts. You might only have a few hours to get home, or you might have to fly, but you’ll be able to rest assured that your belongings are secure.

At EZ Storage®, we love helping college students find the perfect storage solutions. If you’re in need of a safe place to store your things, visit one of our locations today. Each facility has state-of-the-art security, convenient access hours, and a variety of storage unit sizes.

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