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Climate Controlled Storage

Your belongings can enjoy perfect weather all year long!

At EZ Storage®, we want to offer our customers the very best in self-storage solutions. Many people come to us with fragile or sensitive items that need to be stored at a specific temperature. Our climate-controlled storage units, through the use of central heating and air conditioning systems, maintain a steady temperature of 65 to 75 degrees year round, and are available in a variety of sizes. Your belongings will be safe from the damaging effects of changing weather, and you’ll know they’re safe and sound, no matter the season.

When deciding on what to store in a climate-controlled unit, consider whether you would be comfortable storing your items in an environment that is prone to extreme heat or severe cold. If your items could be severely damaged by being left in an attic or basement, where the temperature can drastically fluctuate, it might make sense to store them in a controlled space.

Here are some examples of what could (and perhaps should) be stored in a climate-controlled unit:

If you have antiques or heirlooms that you don’t want to leave in a place where they could be damaged by heat or cold, or you have sensitive electronics that need to be protected from dust, contact your local EZ Storage® facility today. We have years of storage experience, and with locations all across the country, you can find a storage unit that’s close to home and that fits your budget.

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