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Personal Self Storage Units

If you travel a lot, either for business or pleasure, you want to know that your belongings are safe at home. If you don’t have the storage space in your house to keep your things secure, it’s important to find somewhere you can. At EZ Storage, we can help you find the perfect storage unit for all of your household belongings. With locations all across the country, we can provide secure storage when you need it most.

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Why You Might Need Self Storage

There are plenty of reasons a person might need to take advantage of self storage, though the most common one is a simple lack of space. We run through a few other common reasons you might need self storage below.

Home Renovations or Remodeling

One reason you may need self-storage is during a home remodeling project. You might need to move the furniture and appliances out of a certain room, and instead of trying to cram everything into the garage or the basement, you can give yourself some breathing room with a spacious storage unit.

Staging Your Home for Sale

If you’re looking to move, the first thing you have to do is sell your home. And creating an open, uncluttered feeling will make it easier for potential buyers to picture the space as their own. But where should you put all of your extra stuff? A personal storage unit can be ideal in this situation, and you can rent it on a month-to-month basis for as long as it takes to sell your home.

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Downsizing or Relocating

If you’re moving on short notice or relocating to a smaller place, it can be beneficial to put some boxes and pieces of furniture into storage. You might already have some of these things stored in your current home, and instead of moving them to your new place, why not put them in storage? This will mean less to load and unload on moving day, and these excess items won’t take up valuable space in your new home!

Making Space for New Family Members or Family Members Moving Out

There are times in life when you might be tasked with storing a relative’s belongings. Your child might be heading off to college or going overseas to study, and while they’re “moving out,” they still have some things that need to be stored. You have no problem with keeping their items safe, but instead of using the garage or basement, you can put some things into storage.

Military Service

When you sign up for service in the armed forces, chances are you’ll be away from home for months at a time — and you may have to depart sooner than you anticipated. Instead of leaving the burden of finding a place for your things on your friends and family, you can place them in a storage unit at one of our convenient and accessible facilities. We understand that military service can take you anywhere in the world at any time, and that’s why EZ Storage takes the worry out of storing your property while you’re away on military deployment.


EZ Storage makes college life a breeze! You can store your dorm room furniture for the summer, store everything that doesn’t fit in the dorm during the semester, or store what doesn’t fit on the plane for your year of studying abroad. Our goal is to make self-storage an easy and stress-free experience so you can focus on what matters most. So if you need student storage for one month, two months, or the entire semester, we’re here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we’ve brought together some answers to a few frequently asked questions about personal self-storage.

How many self storage units are there in the United States?

As of 2021, there are an estimated 49,233 self-storage facilities operating in the United States. It’s difficult to say how many individual units there are, though estimates typically place the number above 20,000,000.

How many people rent self-storage units every year?

Rates vary from year to year, but in general, about 10.6 percent of US households rent personal storage space every year.