Pods Vs Storage Units: Which is the Better Storage Option For You?

Exterior view of storage unit facility with red shuttered doors.

If you are considering moving to a new location or want to store your essentials, you have probably heard about storage units and storage pods. If not, stick around and learn what storage units and pods are and most importantly, their differences.

A storage unit is a space you can rent to store your business or personal items. You can pick a storage unit based on the size of your valuables, whether or not it is climate-controlled or traditional, and its location at the facility.

A Portable On Demand Storage (PODS) picks up your valuables, drops them to your desired address, and returns them later on a selected date to return your items to an address of your choice.

In this article, you will learn the difference between storage units and pods to determine which is the better option for you.

Advantages of Pods

Easy Load of Your Valuables

The pods are placed at your property, and you can pack your valuables comfortably without travelling far. This can save you the time you could have spent travelling to load your essentials.

Easy and Accessible

The service provider may leave the pods at your residence, and they give you a key to the pods so you can unlock and lock your items at any time. You also get to decide what time you spend with the pods while you load them.

Disadvantages of Pods

More Expensive Than Storage Units

Pods are much more expensive than storage units, and the monthly rate is usually higher. Some states may even need you to pay a parking fee if you decide to keep it at home.

Limited in Size

Pods are limited in size; hence you may need two pods to accommodate all your valuables. 

However, some people have minimal luggage that needs to be stored and since a pod is not shared, you will end up paying for some space you are not using.

Limited Access to the Pods

If you decide to store the pods in your home, accessibility may be an issue, more so if your luggage is in the front of the container. If your valuables are heavy, you will have difficulty lifting them from the pods to the ground and back.

Getting Lost or Delayed in Transit

Since PODS are picked up and delivered by truck to another location, there is always a possibility of external factors (weather, traffic, construction, etc.) impacting when or even if you are able to get your PODS delivered to you.

Advantages of Storage Units

A Variety of Sizes to Choose From

Storage units have a variety of sizes to choose from based on the size of your luggage – you do not have to pay for a space you are not using and can pack things more efficiently with less wasted space.

Climate Controlled to Protect Your Valuables

Unlike pods, storage units have climate controlled systems like air conditioning that protect your valuables from going bad, getting moldy, or getting destroyed by the elements.

Enhanced Security Features

Unlike PODS, storage units have enhanced security features to ensure your valuables are safe, even when you are not around. The location of storage units at EZ Storage are well-fenced with a perimeter wall and a gate that allows our on-site staff to track who has accessed the facility. There is also digital video surveillance, which means the facility is monitored 24/7. The service provider can access live digital images of anyone who tries to access the storage facility.

Cost Efficient

Storage units are available in various sizes; hence you pick a storage unit based on the size of your valuables, and you pay for that. You also do not incur parking costs, unlike the pods, as the storage units are in a specified location and the service provider pays the extra charges.

Disadvantages of Storage Units

Having to Transport Your Valuables

With storage units, you have to transport your valuables to the location of the storage facility. Most of these storage facilities with all the necessary security features are a few miles from your home, so you may have to travel often to access your valuables.

Although it is affordable to store your valuables in a storage unit, the cost of transportation may be even higher than hiring pods.

Packing and Unpacking

If you want to store a considerable amount of valuables in your storage unit, there will be a lot of packing and unpacking as you create space for more valuables. If your belongings are heavy, you may need to get someone to help you with the lifting or else you won’t manage to do proper packing.


Which is the Better Option?

Well, it depends. The best choice depends on the person and the type of valuables you store. Before hiring a storage space, evaluate what valuables you will store if you need them more often and how long they will stay in the storage space.

When hiring a storage space, highlight each advantage and disadvantage and choose one that favors you more. The storage space you will choose depends on your valuables.

For more information about the best storage facility or if you want a storage facility that caters for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us today!