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Do You Have A Parent Who Collects Things?

As your parents grow older, you want to make sure that they’re taken care of. If you only have one living parent, then one of your top priorities is to make sure that they have everything they need in order to be healthy and happy. At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we can help you find […]


Taking Inventory of Your Belongings in Storage

A few months ago, we talked about taking inventory of everything in your house. If you’ve done that, then we hope that you’ve discovered some long-lost treasures, as well as decided what you want to keep and what you can toss or donate. However, if you took some of your belongings and put them into […]

Setting Your New Years Resolutions

Setting Your New Year’s Resolutions

It may only be the middle of November, but it’s never too early to start setting your New Year’s resolutions. You may always wait until the end of December, but starting on your resolutions now will give you time to whittle them down to the ones you’ll actually be serious about come January 1st. At […]

Putting Stored Items in Your Will

Putting Stored Items in Your Will

In our last post, we talked about that one thing that you’ll never get rid of, but as you reach retirement age, you may begin to think about what will happen to your belongings once you’re no longer alive. You’ve hopefully prepared a will that will designate which things go to which people, who has […]

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What’s The One Thing You’ll Never Get Rid Of?

At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we understand that there are some belongings that you never plan to get rid of, no matter how old or used they become. You may have a family heirloom that was passed down to you by a parent or grandparent, or you may have purchased a rare item that can […]

How Many Times Have You Moved in the Past Year_

How Many Times Have You Moved in the Past Year?

Most people, in their lifetime, will move an average of 11 times. There are, of course, those who live in the same house for several years, and only move a handful of times in their life. Those in their twenties and thirties are more likely to move than those who have reached their forties and […]

Organizing a Toy or Clothing Drive This Fall_

Organizing a Toy or Clothing Drive This Fall?

With fall now here, people are beginning to think about the holidays and the colder weather that will soon arrive. People will also begin to think about what they will buy for holiday gifts this year, and whether or not they need to purchase a new winter coat. Many will also think about those who […]

Moving to a New Place This Fall_

Moving to a New Place This Fall?

Fall may not be the best time to move, since you’re settling into a schedule or a routine following a busy summer, and moving can greatly disrupt your life. However, if you have to move because of a life change, or your new home is finally finished, then let EZ Storage® help make your experience […]


Storing Your House Painting Supplies

There are only two weeks left in August, and if you’re a professional house painter, then your busy season is likely winding down for the year. The college students who worked for you during the summer are heading back to school, and you’ve finished the big exterior projects for the year. If you’re looking for […]

Last-Minute and Emergency Storage Options

Last-Minute and Emergency Storage Options

At EZ Storage®, we know that life can bring about changes at a moment’s notice, and you may find yourself needing to move or to store some things outside of your home. With our affordable self-storage units in Philadelphia, you can find a great space for your belongings, and you can keep everything safe for […]