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Remodeling & Storage Tips for Your Winter Kitchen Remodel

Winter can often be a time when you use your kitchen more, such as for baking cookies or making that grand holiday meal for friends and family. However, if your kitchen is starting to look a bit outdated, or you want to make it bigger, then the winter can be a great time to remodel. […]

  • Female roommates unpacking boxes and laughing

    Storage Tips for Getting a New Roommate This Winter

    If you’re a college student or young professional, then chances are you have a roommate. You might be living in a dorm room or shared apartment, but for the time being, you enjoy living with other people. You want to move out on your own at some point, but for now it makes sense to […]

  • Store Your Bicycle for the Long-Haul

    Proper storage prolongs the life of lawnmowers, snow-throwers, and other gas-powered machines, but do bicycles need the same kind of care when stored?  The answer depends on what type of bike you’re storing, in part, but most two-wheelers benefit from some routine preparations. Like other machines, bicycles perform best when they are kept in regular […]

  • Organized Attics Keep Homeowners Happy

    Home organization efforts sometimes stop at the attic door.  The seldom used crawl space or walk-up attic is a natural catch-basin for accumulation.  Things get dropped off in the attic when they are no longer useful, rather than being deposited in the trash where they belong. Cherished keepsakes are stashed in attics too, growing in […]

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    Unique Household Storage Solutions

    Even if you live in a big house, it can be hard to find places to stow your belongings. Homes built decades ago are not equipped for modern storage needs. Early 20th century closets, for example, were designed to hold a couple sets of work clothes and a “Sunday best” outfit – that’s it. Bathrooms […]