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King sized bed with white comforter and beige pillows

Under-Bed Storage Ideas for Your Belongings

Do you have a lot of belongings that don’t have a home? Are you running out of storage space in your closets, drawers, and cabinets? Under-bed storage might be the right option for you. Even so, storing your belongings under a bed can become messy and inconvenient if not done correctly. This guide provides under-bed […]

  • Close up of man holding boxes for moving labeled with text "kitchen"

    Tips on How to Downsize Your Home or Business

    Downsizing is quite popular these days, as people attempt to live with less. The minimalism movement has spread across the country, and people want to have fewer things they have to take care of or find a place for in their home.  Even if you don’t live in a tiny house, it’s okay to downsize […]

  • Wine bottles laying on their sides in storage

    How to Properly Store Wine in Your Storage Unit

    When you’re brainstorming where to store wine, you might not think of a storage unit first. But in fact, a climate-controlled storage can be the ideal space to keep your wine collection safe.  You’ve probably put some money into your wine collection, so you’ll want to keep it safe and store it properly. To make […]

  • Kitchen in remodel stage

    Buying a Fixer Upper

    The real estate market in Detroit has fluctuated quite a bit over the past few years, with changes in prices, inventory, and more. There are plenty of opportunities for anyone looking to buy a home in the metro area, but if you’re looking for a fixer upper, you might be able to find a great […]

  • View of staircase inside home

    Unusual Home Storage Spaces

    When it comes to home storage, it’s often necessary to get creative as to where you keep things. You’ve likely added as many shelves and racks to your cabinets, closets, and cupboards as possible, and now you need some different ideas and solutions. At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we can help you find the […]

  • Closeup view of hands holding a steering wheel while driving

    Not Using Your Car or Motorcycle As Much?

    With more people working from and spending more time at home over the past few years, there has been less traffic on the streets in many cities: normal to fast traffic flow during most weekdays, but fewer total people commuting on a regular basis. If you’ve been at home, then you might be using your […]

  • Spiral notepad

    A Home Storage Wish List

    As a homeowner, you probably have a few wish lists when it comes to your house. You wish you had a bit more square footage so you could have a bit more living space, you wish you had a bigger garage so you could park both cars inside during the winter, and so on. At […]

  • View of crowded garage space

    Getting Rid of Things in the Garage This Summer

    Summer is a time for outdoor fun, and the garage is often the place where all of the bikes, skateboards, lawn games, and other outdoor equipment is stored. You may also have a storage shed for some of these things, but if you’ve discovered that things are starting to get a bit cluttered, it could […]

  • Organized closet space

    What Storage Spaces Does Your House Have?

    When you moved into your house, one of the first things you likely did was start putting things away and organizing each room. You relied on the storage spaces in your home to keep every room neat and tidy, as well as provide a safe spot for important items such as family heirlooms. At EZ […]

  • Silhouette of woman with scarf

    The Ultimate Self-Storage Checklist For New Tenants

    Don’t underestimate these tried and true tips when renting a new storage unit in St. Louis! Renting a storage unit is a pretty easy process, but it’s important to be educated and know a little about self-storage if you’ve never embarked on it before. This way you have a great experience and protect your belongings. […]

  • Finished basement with pool table, leather couch, and bar

    Getting The Basement Ready for Summer

    In our previous post, we talked about getting the garage ready for summer. Today, we’ll talk about another popular spot during the summer — the basement. When the temperature outside begins to push towards triple digits, the basement can be the perfect retreat. It’s cool, it’s spacious, and there are all sorts of things you […]