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EZ Storage® Tips

We offer the following suggestions to help make your move much more efficient.

  1. Wrap your items in bubble wrap and newsprint paper to keep your valuables in one piece.
  2. To avoid injury do not over pack your box or container, make sure you can lift it safely.
  3. Pack your items in plastic containers with tightly fitted lids and in sturdy cardboard boxes, this will make them easier to stack and move around.
  4. Do not store perishable goods, including food – this may damage your other items and invite unwanted guests.
  5. Use pallets to keep electronics and cardboard boxes dry and well aerated.
  6. Good air flow helps protect your items – avoid blocking air vents and openings, this will help your items retain proper temperature.
  7. Breathing room means safety – do not over pack your unit, leave yourself room to move things around safely.
  8. Place a lock on your unit as soon as you place any items in it. Bring one from home or purchase one of ours, and remember to slide the door latch over to secure the door before locking it.
  9. Cover your items with cloth, or another kind of fabric that ‘breathes’ – plastic covers do not allow air to penetrate, which means that any moisture and dirt left on your items will be trapped and may damage the item itself.
  10. Pack your unit like you would pack your fridge – place the items most frequently used in the front of the unit, and pack the items you seldom use in the back.
  11. When driving around our facility do not exceed 5 MPH
  12. Reminder: you MUST use your gate code to access your unit