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Business & Commercial Storage Units Across Industries

If you have a surplus of products, you’ve placed a large order with your manufacturer, you need to store seasonal goods, or you need to store some inventory while your business goes through a rebranding phase, then come to EZ Storage today. We’ve helped many business owners find the storage they need at a price that fits their budget.

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Our security access system requires a personalized gate code to enter and is monitored 24/7 by video surveillance. Plus, our Class A Storage facilities were built best in class. With these well lit facilities, you’ll feel safe and know that your important materials are secure no matter when you visit.

Our storage units are affordable and convenient, and even offer deliveries on-site. And while retail businesses commonly use business storage spaces to better manage their inventory, a variety of industries take advantage of the benefits offered by commercial storage space. Some common industries that take advantage of business storage units include:

Business storage is also useful for new businesses who are looking to establish themselves and might not have an abundance of office or administrative space. Whether you’re starting a catering business or opening up your plumbing business, commercial storage can be a huge help.

Things to Consider for Commercial Storage

There are a number of reasons your business might benefit from commercial storage. Maybe sudden success has increased your orders dramatically and you’re looking for space to store new inventory. Maybe you’re rebranding and need a place to keep older products and packaging. Maybe you simply need more space in order to help your business continue growing.

But no matter the reason, there are a few things you’ll want to make sure you consider when looking into commercial storage options:

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Security Features

Whether you’re looking to store extra inventory or important business documents, our state-of-the-art facilities offer security features that will guarantee your peace of mind, including:

If you don’t have the space in your office to keep stacks and stacks of boxes, EZ Storage is here to help. With one of our self-storage units, you can keep your business documents, resources, and materials safe until you need them, they can be transferred to digital copies, or you can get rid of them.

When it comes to excess inventory, our units are a perfect option for keeping your goods safe and sound. If the product contains sensitive or valuable materials, a climate-controlled unit can be the perfect unit for safeguarding it and protecting it from damage. If you’re a freelance inventor and you’re working on a new prototype in your garage, it can make sense to rent a storage space for materials and other components that are too valuable to leave lying around your house.

Commercial Vehicle Storage

At EZ Storage, we offer an assortment of storage options for you and business vehicles. If you don’t have space on your own property to park your company vehicle, or you just need to keep it safe, visit us today!

Some of our self-storage facilities have both indoor and outdoor units that provide coverage and security for your company vehicle. You might only use the car or truck for business or service trips, and with our convenient access hours, you can pick up or drop off the vehicle when it works for you. Instead of worrying about your valuable vehicle sitting in an open company lot overnight, you can safely store it with us.

Our commercial vehicle storage options also offer peace of mind. It’s an unfortunate truth that cars and trucks are vandalized and stolen. Even leaving your car for a few hours on a city street can leave it susceptible to theft or damage. If you don’t have a driveway or garage where you can park your vehicle, protect it by renting a monthly storage unit with state-of-the-art security from EZ Storage.

For more information about our vehicle storage solutions, speak to the manager at your local EZ Storage today to ensure there is ample room for your vehicle.

Storing Office Supplies and Furniture

Buying office supplies in bulk is a great way to save on money, though all those supplies can take up valuable space. Storage units are perfect for keeping your extra supplies in perfect condition until you actually need them.

Storage units are also often commonly used to store office furniture — whether that’s a coffee table for your new waiting room, or extra office chairs that can be wheeled out whenever they’re needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about business and commercial storage options.

What is commercial storage?

Commercial storage is the storage of goods, merchandise, equipment, or materials in an enclosed space or building that isn’t a warehouse.

Can you use a storage unit as a warehouse?

Warehouse spaces are typically located in industrial zones, whereas a storage unit is often located in more central, urban areas. You can use a storage unit to store your business’s inventory, though typically your business won’t be allowed to sell that inventory directly from the storage unit, as you could with a warehouse space.

Is a storage unit considered commercial?

A storage unit will generally be considered commercial space, though this can vary depending on location. For more information, reach out to your storage unit provider for a precise classification.

Is self-storage commercial or industrial?

When it comes to zoning, self-storage space will generally be considered commercial space, though this can vary depending on the location of the unit and on a state-by-state basis.

What is a business storage unit?

A business storage unit is a space where businesses of any size can store inventory, documents, equipment and vehicles, office supplies, and anything else that you might have trouble storing on-site. Some business storage units can even be converted into office space for administrative or other purposes.

What are the benefits of commercial storage?

There are countless benefits to commercial storage, and they’ll depend on what your business needs. Typically, commercial storage units offer increased storage security, climate-controlled space for sensitive materials, greater organization capabilities, increased retail and office space, and the ability to protect seasonal inventory when it’s not in use.