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organized storage in basement

Basement Organization Tips

Posted on 2013-12-26

A cluttered basement does you no good. The clutter makes it less useful as storage space since you will not be able to find anything easily. Furthermore, clutter can make access difficult if equipment such as a furnace needs to be serviced. Taking Inventory of Basement Clutter Before you actually start the work of organizing […]

stacks of paper

Use Simple Strategies to Tackle Paper Clutter at Home

Posted on 2013-10-23

Do you feel disorganized at home, with stacks of bills and financial records cluttering your space? Does paperwork build up faster than you can purge it? Conquering paper clutter can be intimidating, but several proven approaches make the job easier. Catch Up! Your paper overload did not set-in overnight, it took a while to accumulate […]