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10 Tips for Living in a Studio Apartment

Living in a studio apartment can be a great set-up, especially for young people who’ve just moved to a new city. But that doesn’t mean living in this type of apartment doesn’t present its own challenges. We’ve gathered some of the best studio apartment tips to make your living situation as comfortable as possible. What […]

  • snow-covered path in the woods

    Your Winter Storage Checklist

    Now that October is here, colder weather isn’t far behind. Even though winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21st, people across the Midwest know snow and freezing temperatures will soon be here. At EZ Storage®, we can help you find the ideal self-storage unit for anything you want to keep safe this winter. As you’re […]

  • Two-floor home with Christmas lights

    Storage for Your Christmas and Holiday Light Installation Business

    Now that December is well underway, people are getting into the holiday spirit. You may have seen holiday lights going up on houses and businesses throughout the city, and it may have inspired you to go out and get some new lights for your home. However, if you offer holiday light installation as a service […]

  • Clothing, Furniture, and Toy Donations This Holiday Season

    As you’re getting ready for the holiday season, it’s important to remember that there are people out there who won’t get any presents this year. They may be struggling to find a place to live or to land a job, or they don’t have any friends or family members who live close by. The holidays […]

  • Organizing Your Home After The Holidays

    With the holiday season in full swing, you’re probably spending most of your time looking for those last-minute gifts and preparing for friends and family to arrive. You’re also trying to make room for everyone and finding space where you can store all those new things that you and your family will receive this year. […]

  • How To Winterize Your RV

    Now that November is here, RV owners across the Midwest are starting to get their vehicle ready for the winter months. They may have taken it out on one last adventure, but now they know it’s time to winterize it and store it until spring comes again. At EZ Storage®, our State Road facility has […]

  • Getting Ready for the Holidays

    As the calendar moves to November and December, people across the country are starting to get ready for the holiday season. When you walk into any retail or department store, you’re bound to see fall decor and holiday decorations in nearly every aisle, and grocery stores are starting to promote turkeys, hams, and other options […]

  • How to Organize a Mudroom for Winter Entryways

      Moving from outdoors to your homey interior is easier when a dedicated utility room buffers the transition.  Not every home is properly equipped with an entryway designed to absorb the impact of outdoor conditions, so make the most of your mudroom. Limiting the amount of the outside world getting tracked through your home is […]

  • organized storage in basement

    Basement Organization Tips

    A cluttered basement does you no good. The clutter makes it less useful as storage space since you will not be able to find anything easily. Furthermore, clutter can make access difficult if equipment such as a furnace needs to be serviced. Taking Inventory of Basement Clutter Before you actually start the work of organizing […]

  • stacks of paper

    Use Simple Strategies to Tackle Paper Clutter at Home

    Do you feel disorganized at home, with stacks of bills and financial records cluttering your space? Does paperwork build up faster than you can purge it? Conquering paper clutter can be intimidating, but several proven approaches make the job easier. Catch Up! Your paper overload did not set-in overnight, it took a while to accumulate […]