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Clearing Things Out of the House?

There’s been a recent wave of “tidying up” in many homes across the country, thanks to popular reality shows that focus on getting rid of unwanted things and making your home more functional. Whether or not you’ve watched these shows, you might be trying to clear things out of the house, only to find that […]

Making Your Spring Agenda

It may only be the middle of February, but spring isn’t too far away, and you’re likely looking forward to doing some new things once the weather warms up a bit. When you’re making your spring agenda, it’s important to mix in some fun things along with the projects and cleaning that you want to […]

Find Suitable Storage for Spring

Spring is still several weeks away, but you may have already started on some projects around the house, both inside and out. You want your home to be ready for spring and summer, so you’re getting a head start on cleaning, organizing, and those small remodeling projects you’ve put off since last year. At EZ […]

Which Room Needs the Most Attention?

The New Year is only a month old, but hopefully you’ve gotten into the swing of things and are enjoying 2019 so far. You’ve gone back to work after the holiday season, and the kids are back in school following winter break. You’re getting used to a routine once again, but at home and the […]

Putting Disaster Supplies in Storage

You might not be a “doomsday prepper” per se, but if you are someone who has a plan in case of a flood, fire, or another natural disaster, then you likely have a good stash of backup supplies. You’ve purchased canned food and bottled water, and you have power and heat sources, just in case […]

Working on Your Bucket List This Year?

With each new year, you might have things that you want to accomplish that you weren’t able to get to during the previous year. If you have what many call a “bucket list,” then those things could be anything from skydiving to seeing the Great Wall of China. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we’re here […]

Planning to Return Some Holiday Gifts?

Now that the New Year is here, you’re probably looking at your holiday gifts and deciding what you want to keep and what you want to return. It’s not necessarily that you didn’t like a certain gift, but perhaps it was the wrong size or the wrong color, or it’s not compatible with a device […]

Planning to Travel in the New Year?

Today is the last day of the year, and at EZ Storage® in Detroit, we hope you’ve had a memorable 12 months. As you look forward to the New Year, you might have grand plans of upgrading your home, starting a new hobby, or traveling the world. If your choice is the last one, then […]

Making Home Upgrades in the New Year?

In one of our previous posts, we talked about remodeling your kitchen during the winter. If you’ve started on that endeavor, then we hope that things are going well. If you’re saving your home upgrades for the New Year, then EZ Storage® in Detroit is here to help you find a self-storage unit for anything […]

What To Look For in Local Storage

At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we understand that when you’re looking for a local self-storage unit, there are certain things that you keep in mind during your search. We know that you want your belongings to be safe and sound, and you want to be able to access your unit when it works for you. […]