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Closet Storage Safety Hazards

Posted on 2020-08-03

At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we want to promote safe storage practices both at our facilities and in your own home. When it comes to renting a self-storage unit, we pride ourselves on providing safe, easy access at all times, so you don’t have to take unnecessary risks when you’re loading or unloading. If you’ve […]

Selling Valuable Items You Have in Storage

Posted on 2020-07-24

At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we know that you may have some valuable items that you want to keep safe by putting them into self-storage. You know how much these things, such as family heirlooms and antiques, are worth, and you want to make sure they’re protected at all times. What you may not know, […]

What Storage Challenges Are You Facing?

Posted on 2020-07-06

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, one of the biggest challenges you may have is storing your extra belongings. You have boxes and tubs of personal mementos and other items that you want to keep safe, but you either don’t have enough storage space, you’re not sure where things are stored, or you can’t […]

Starting On Your Summer Projects

Posted on 2020-06-21

Now that summer is officially here, you might be ready to start those projects that you’ve been planning for months. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can help you find the right self-storage unit for anything you need to move out of the house or out of the way while you paint the bedrooms, organize […]

3 Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit

Posted on 2020-06-11

At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we help people every day who need to store things for various reasons and for various lengths of time. We know that when you’re looking for a self-storage unit, you might have several reasons for needing one, and you want to find a location that’s affordable, convenient, and secure. When […]

Turning the Basement Into More Living Space

Posted on 2020-06-03

If your home had an unfinished basement when you bought it, you may have looked at the basement and saw tons of possibilities — a home theater, a family room, a rec room, and more. If you’re finally ready to get started on your basement project this summer, EZ Storage® in Detroit can help you […]

Are You Abiding in Public Storage Restrictions?

Posted on 2020-05-24

Keep your Detroit self-storage unit safe and stay in compliance with any restrictions. Self-storage units are used for a variety of purposes including storage for when you move, transitioning from your parent’s home to college, and for business inventory storage. And while they provide extra space for when you need it most, there are still […]

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Storage Unit

Posted on 2020-05-16

Protect your Detroit storage unit from the damage rodents and pests can cause. Your Detroit storage unit has a lot to offer — it’s spacious, convenient, and safe, safeguarding the items you need to store away, whether it’s for personal use or business purposes. Unfortunately, rodents and pests can still infiltrate your unit, causing major […]

Organizing Your Home Workspace

Posted on 2020-05-10

You may have been working from home for the past few weeks, as stay-at-home orders and business closures continue. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we know how challenging things have been for many people as they adapt to having kids home from school, trying to work during the day, and keeping everything organized. We’re here […]

Storing Valuable Collections

Posted on 2020-05-02

For anyone who collects anything, their first priority is often to keep their collections in pristine shape. They don’t want anything to get damaged, as that could seriously impact the value of their collection. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can help you find the right self-storage unit for your valuable collections, and we offer […]