Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home or Business

Woman with cleaning gloves and yellow towel cleaning window

Spring cleaning is something that a majority of people and businesses will do, even if they’re not a huge fan of cleaning. There’s something nice about starting off the new season with a fresh, deeply cleaned slate. To make spring cleaning a breeze, we’ve brought together these tips for spring cleaning your home or business.

Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Though the main reason so many people choose to dive into their spring cleaning might be the feeling of cleanness and accomplishment, there are many additional benefits associated with spring cleaning that you might not even be aware of.

Creating Positive New Habits

Spring cleaning comes not long after the New Year, right when many of us are setting new goals and working to create better habits. Believe it or not, cleaning up your space can actually help keep you accountable when it comes to these new changes.

What’s the reason behind this? When we have multiple things going on in our life, we can start to feel like we’re always falling behind, which makes new goals feel unachievable. With a clean space, you’ll feel caught up and able to relax, making it easier to focus on your goals.

Good for Your Mental Health 

Stress is an overwhelming thing to carry with you day in and day out, no matter where it’s coming from. The last thing you want is one more thing stressing you out. Surprisingly, stress levels can be increasing just by placing yourself in a messy environment. These types of settings convey a feeling of chaos, which then triggers the brain to react as it normally would in a stressful situation.

Strengthens Your Immune System

Our home is the place where we spend the most time, so it’s no surprise our immune systems can benefit from some serious spring cleaning. Allergens, pollen, and dandruff are three things that every home harbors. Taking the time to deep clean your carpets and the floors of your home can help to remove and reduce these airborne impurities. The end result? An immune system that is stronger and healthier.

Declutter Your Home or Business

Clutter can build up anywhere — in our basements and attics, or in small piles around our offices and homes. Wherever your clutter may be, you know for yourself that there are items in your office or home that haven’t been touched for years but that you continue to hold onto. Getting rid of that clear can revitalize your space, and is a critical part of a deep spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Ready to get some spring cleaning done but not sure where to start or how to go about it? Here are some tips to give a little more structure to your spring cleaning push.

  • Put away winter wear or equipment. As we’ve seen, clutter can be difficult to deal with, but making sure to store away all of your winter wear and other equipment will open up a surprising amount of space in your home. 
  • Make a plan to clean one room at a time. People often stop spring cleaning because they simply feel overwhelmed — you can help prevent this common problem by making a clear gameplan that deals with one room at a time. 
  • Declutter your physical and digital spaces. Decluttering your physical space is a critical part of a deep spring clean, but why stop there? Decluttering your digital space, whether that’s on your personal laptop or work computer, can help clarify your thoughts and decrease stress. 
  • Dust off, wipe down, disinfect. When you’re tossing out old things you don’t use anymore, don’t forget the fundamentals of a spring clean. Dusting off, wiping down, and disinfecting surfaces is the final touch that will leave your home or office feeling sparkling clean. 
  • Rearrange furniture. Rearranging furniture can help to open up your space and create a fundamental feeling of freshness in your space — plus, you’ll need to sweep under all of the furniture anyway. 
  • Hire help. If your space is big enough, or you’re simply not sure where to start, it’s perfectly okay to hire some professional cleaners or organizers to make sure your spring cleaning is a smashing success.


Consider Putting Things in a Storage Unit

Spring cleaning is one of the best ways to cut down on clutter within the house, but sometimes you could still benefit from a bit more space. If you’ve decluttered and tossed items and you’re still short on space, the team at EZ® Storage can help. 

Our high-quality storage units provide you with a secure space to store the items that you’re not quite ready to get rid of, but that you don’t need access to regularly. You’ll have peace of mind that your valuables are safe in a storage facility with great security. We offer different types of storage to fit your specific needs:

  • Personal Storage: If you don’t have the space in your house to keep your things secure or store everything you own, it’s important to find somewhere you can.
  • Climate-Controlled Storage: For fragile or sensitive items that need to be stored at a specific temperature, our climate-controlled storage units are a perfect fit.
  • Business Storage: If you have a surplus of products, you’ve placed a large order with your manufacturer, or you need to store seasonal goods, our business storage units can meet your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions about Spring Cleaning

Below, we’ve brought together answers to some frequently asked questions about spring cleaning. 

Is spring cleaning still popular?

Spring cleaning is still a popular tradition with American families. In fact, according to a recent survey, more than 75% of Americans do some degree of spring cleaning every year.

When should you start spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning usually takes place in March or April, once the weather starts to warm up. Ideally, you should start spring cleaning whenever you can find the time — a day or two, for instance a free weekend, will usually do the trick. 

How long does spring cleaning take?

How long spring cleaning takes will depend on how deep you’re cleaning. Some people might spend a day or two cleaning their home or apartment, while a truly deep clean might take as long as five or six days depending on your space, how much stuff you have, and other variables.