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How We Benefit Psychologically From Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is something that a majority of people will make some time to get done, even if they’re not a huge fan of cleaning. There’s something nice about starting off this new season with a fresh, deeply cleaned slate. Though this may be the primary reason that so many people choose to really dive […]

Efficient Packing: Tips & Tricks

Packing is an unfortunate step in the moving process. While it’s absolutely no fun to do, it is a must in order to get all of your personal belongings from your current house, to your new home. If you don’t have time to spare and you’re looking for tips and tricks that can help make […]

Making the Most of Your Self-Storage Unit Space

Storage units are designed to provide you with the additional storage space that you need. From large items like mattresses and pianos to the endless tubs and cardboard boxes that we all seem to hoard in our homes, a storage unit is a fantastic way to clear up some space in your home. When looking […]

Ways to Make a Small Living Space Comfortable

When you live in a small space, you have to figure out how to make the most of it. More often than not, this means taking into consideration what the layout of the space looks like and figuring out the different areas that you can take advantage of. As locals of Pittsburgh, the team at […]

Opening Up Space in Your Home Without Getting Rid of Items

Every home is limited by square footage. At least, that’s how it always feels. When you first purchase a new home, the space feels as though there is endless space and so much room to grow into over the years. Over time, however, junk starts to accumulate, clutter starts to form, and space is slowly […]

Which Storage Space is the Best for Your Needs

Storage is something that we all need. Luckily, for many homeowners, there are a few different options available. In today’s blog post, the team at EZ Storage® — a secure self-storage facility in Detroit — is going to go over a few of the most common storage methods that homeowners take advantage of as well […]

Why Self-Storage Units are Great for People on the Go

When you’re constantly on the go, you need to move things around so that they work with your lifestyle. Whether that means that you’re always traveling or you’re simply loading up your schedule to a point where you’re non-stop busy, today’s blog is for you. Self-storage units are a fantastic solution for people that are […]

Most Common Reasons People Invest in Storage Units

Storage units are widely used across the country, but the reasons that people choose to rent out these storage spaces will vary from person to person. Here at EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we have helped hundreds of people find the additional storage space that they need. In that time, we’ve heard a wide variety […]

Tips for Moving Large Items Without Injuring Yourself

Every move will inevitably have a variety of large items that are a challenge to move. From pianos and mattresses to entertainment centers and boxes full of books, these heavy items can be a hassle to move and even lead to an injury. Knowing that these heavy items are an inevitable part of every move, […]

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Units

Storage units have been around for years, but if you’ve never inquired about a self-storage unit or you’ve never had to rent out a space in a storage facility to store your belongings, the entire thing can become a pretty vague and undervalued service to pay for. The truth is, there are various benefits to […]