Getting Rid of Things in the Garage This Summer

View of crowded garage space

Summer is a time for outdoor fun, and the garage is often the place where all of the bikes, skateboards, lawn games, and other outdoor equipment is stored. You may also have a storage shed for some of these things, but if you’ve discovered that things are starting to get a bit cluttered, it could be time to get rid of some items. After all, you also need to park your car or truck in the garage, and the lawn mower and weed trimmer also need to go into the shed once the season is over.

At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we can provide you with a self-storage unit for anything you want to keep safe after the summer has ended. Storing seasonal items such as sports equipment and bikes, along with lawn and garden supplies, can create more room in your garage and shed. You can also create more room by getting rid of some things you no longer need, and we’ll cover a few of those things in this post.

Old Outdoor Toys and Sports Equipment

You might be hanging on to your child’s first bicycle for nostalgic reasons, but if they’ve outgrown it and have a new bike, why keep it? If it’s just taking up space in the garage, consider donating it to a charity or nonprofit, provided that the bike is in good condition. The same goes for other old outdoor toys and sports equipment — if they’re no longer usable or no longer played with, toss or donate them! For those items that you do want to keep, either for practical or nostalgic purposes, we can help you find a small storage unit that’s the perfect solution.

Old Boxes

The garage or shed might be where you stash old cardboard boxes that you might use some day. After you moved into your house and unpacked everything, you carefully broke down and stacked your cardboard boxes, saving them for that next move or next purpose. While this is perfectly acceptable, if several years have gone by and the boxes are still taking up room on your property, it might be time to get rid of them. Not to mention, temperature fluctuations and moisture changes can cause the cardboard to deteriorate, and certain pests are attracted to the glue that’s found on certain boxes.

Old Paint and Wood Stain

If you’re remodeling your home, or have been updating it over the past few years, then there’s a good chance you have some paint and wood stain stored in your garage. You kept the leftover paint from the kitchen or master bedroom just in case you needed to touch things up, but if the cans have been sitting on the shelf for several years, the paint may have dried up and no longer be usable. For wood stain, those cans need to be stored safely and properly, since they are often quite flammable.

Disposing of paint and wood stain often requires you to take the cans to your local hazardous waste disposal facility. These chemicals need to be poured out in the proper method, which means putting them in the trash is not an option. Take a weekend and go through your paint and wood stain — it can make a big difference when it comes to garage storage space.

Old Tools

Every homeowner has tools that they absolutely love, from the hammers and screwdrivers in the tool chest to the power tools hanging on the wall. However, if you have old or broken tools that are taking up space, why keep them around any longer? These tools are no longer serving a purpose, and while some may have a bit of nostalgic value, creating more space in the tool chest can be more beneficial.

Lawn and garden tools can also be included in this, since there’s no reason to keep a broken shovel or rake hanging on the wall. You’ve likely already replaced these old outdoor tools, and getting rid of the outdated items can help you keep things organized during the summer months and beyond.

Rent Self-Storage Today

As you’re cleaning out the garage and shed this summer, you’ll likely come across items that you want to keep. Seasonal toys and sports equipment that are still in good condition, paint that hasn’t dried up, and tools that are still usable can be perfectly fine to keep for when you need them again. For anything that can be safely put into a self-storage unit, the EZ Storage® team can help you find the ideal unit. We have several locations across the greater St. Louis area, making it easy for you to find a space that’s close to home. Our staff and resident managers can answer any questions you have about storage, as well as show you which units are currently available.

We look forward to working with you!