A Home Storage Wish List

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As a homeowner, you probably have a few wish lists when it comes to your house. You wish you had a bit more square footage so you could have a bit more living space, you wish you had a bigger garage so you could park both cars inside during the winter, and so on. At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, while we can’t make your home bigger, we can help you keep it organized by providing you with an affordable self-storage unit at one of our metro-area locations. We can also provide you with tips for home storage and organization, as we will in this blog. Keep reading to learn more, and contact us right away to learn more about our storage options!

More Storage Options

The first thing on many homeowner’s storage wish lists is to have more of it. Your home may have plenty of closets and cupboards, but as of right now, you’ve filled all of them. There are freestanding storage options you can purchase, such as garage cabinets or lockers for the basement, but it’s important to make sure you have the space for them. It can seem like a good idea to try to fit a storage cabinet in a corner of the basement or garage, but once it’s in place, it may take up more room than you initially thought.

Shelves and bookcases are also good storage options for anything you want to display, such as books or family heirlooms. If you have boxes of personal belongings taking up space in the garage, why not unpack them and see what you can put on display around the house. An additional shelf or two in the living room or home office doesn’t take up too much space, and you can show off some of your collectibles or rare items. For anything that you keep in the boxes, you can put those into self-storage instead of keeping them tucked away in the garage or basement.

Less Clutter in Each Room

Next on your wish list might be to have less clutter in each room. It can be a weekly or even daily challenge to keep your home neat and tidy, as this requires a concerted effort on everyone’s part. If the kids are constantly leaving toys and games around the house, or you’re not as disciplined about picking up clothes in your own bedroom, then finding a suitable solution is likely at the top of your list.

For toys and games that are kept in the common area of the house, such as the living or family room, dedicate a shelf or two to hold these items. Depending on how old your kids are, you could add a small toy box to the family room and remind everyone that’s where things go when they’re done playing with them. If your kids keep their favorite toys and games in their bedrooms, add boxes and shelves to those spaces for better organization and tidiness.

More Organized Closets, Cupboards, and Cabinets

If you have plenty of storage space in the house, but you can never seem to find anything when you need it, your biggest wish may be to have more organized closets, cupboards, and cabinets. These three spaces are the most common storage spots in the house, and if they’re unorganized and cluttered, they can lead to more frustration than if things were just left in random places.

There might be things in your closets that you no longer wear, such as shoes or shirts that no longer fit your style. Getting rid of items can be one of the easiest ways to deal with clutter, since you can get a better sense of what you want to keep. The same goes for any cabinets or cupboards in your bathrooms and kitchen — sort through items, toss or donate what you don’t want or need, and organize what you do!

Find a Self-Storage Unit Today

As you’re adding more storage options to your home, cleaning up the clutter, and organizing your closets, you may find some things that you don’t want or need to store in the house. We can help you find the appropriate self-storage unit for your belongings. We offer monthly leases on all of our spaces, so you can rent for the time you need, without worrying about a long-term contract.

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