Starting a Catering Business?

Wedding table with food setup with EZ Storage logo and text "Starting a Catering Business?"

We wrote in a previous blog about event venue storage and the benefits it can provide if you have tables, chairs, and other items you need to store between events. However, if you’re involved in the party-planning industry in another capacity, such as a catering business, you may have specific storage needs for your equipment. If you’re starting a new business or your current business is growing and running out of room, EZ Storage® is here to help. Visit us today to find your self-storage solutions!

Small Supplies Can Add Up

As a caterer, you need certain things for certain events, and it can be easy to keep track of the larger items such as food and beverage carriers, burner trays, and buffet line supplies. But what about the smaller supplies such as disposable flatware and paper cups and lids? You might buy these items in bulk so that you always have them on hand for your next party, but if you don’t have the storage space for them in your storefront, or you work out of your home, a small storage unit can be a good idea.

Boxes full of cups, napkins, and other small items can be stored easily in a standard or climate-controlled unit. If you have lots of plastic supplies, it can be a good idea to keep them in a space that’s temperature controlled, since excess heat can wreak havoc on plastic.

Glass and Metal Items

dreamstime_xxl_23260526A big part of any catering business is the presentation, and while paper and plastic are okay for certain events, there are parties that call for the more sophisticated look of glass punch bowls and metal coffee urns. Cleaning and storing these items take a bit more time, but it’s worth it when your customers are satisfied with how everything looks on the buffet table. If you cater for a lot of weddings and anniversary parties, then you may need a secure storage solution for your glass and metal items.

Once everything is clean, make sure you have the proper packing materials for each item. The box that a bowl or urn came in can suffice, but if you have loose decanters and carafes, consider finding some racks or trays that will safely hold them until you need them again. Investing in some foam that’s easy to cut can give you the padding you need, and you won’t have to worry about the glass breaking or getting scratched.

Starting any business can be a full-time endeavor, and if you’re launching a catering company or you’re expanding the one you already own, let EZ Storage® help keep your supplies safe and sound between events. You may not have the space at home to store everything, and it could be more convenient to store your items in a spot that’s closer to a venue you often work or that’s more centralized to your customer base.


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