Storage for Your Christmas and Holiday Light Installation Business

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Now that December is well underway, people are getting into the holiday spirit. You may have seen holiday lights going up on houses and businesses throughout the city, and it may have inspired you to go out and get some new lights for your home. However, if you offer holiday light installation as a service during this time of year, then your life is about to become very busy indeed. At EZ Storage®, we can help you find the perfect self-storage unit for all of your lights and equipment once the holiday season is over! Visit one of our EZ Storage® locations today to learn more.

Storage Options for Your Business’s Ladders and Scaffolds

It’s nearly impossible to hang holiday lights on trees, houses, and storefronts without a reliable ladder. As a professional installer, you likely have a number of ladders in different lengths and configurations so that you can reach roof lines, the tops of columns, and trees of varying heights. You may also have a scaffold or two that you can set up when decorating a large storefront or building for the holidays.

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One of the biggest challenges you may face at the end of every holiday season is finding somewhere to store your ladders and scaffolds. Everything likely fits on your truck during the season, but you might need that truck for other things throughout the rest of the year. With a small- or medium-sized storage unit, you can keep everything safe for the spring and summer, until you need it again in the fall. Use our handy size guide to find the perfect storage option for your light installation business.

Organized Christmas & Holiday Light Storage

If you rent out lights as part of your hanging and installation service, then you’ve probably amassed quite an inventory of bulbs, ranging from small icicle lights to giant globes. You want to keep all of these lights organized, which can be a challenge as you take everything down in January. By renting a self-storage space, you can box everything up according to size, label each box, and store it safely for the year. The last thing you want next holiday season is to find that some of your lights are damaged or that they no longer work due to improper storage!

Retrieve Your Light Installation Business Equipment Quickly

Since hanging holiday lights is a seasonal endeavor, you may start taking appointments in late summer or early fall. Once you’re ready to begin installing lights, you need to be efficient about how long a job takes and which part of town you’re going to focus on for a particular day of the week. When you rent a storage unit from us, you can have everything you need in a centralized location, rather than several spots. You may have stored some lights at home in years past, while the ladders and scaffolding were kept at your business location. By having everything in one spot, you can retrieve items quickly and move on to the next installation.

Find Affordable Storage Unit Options Near You Today

If you own and operate a holiday light installation business, then now is the perfect time to think about renting a self-storage unit. At EZ Storage®, we love helping people find the ideal space, and our monthly leases make it easy to rent for the time you need.

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