Starting a Plumbing Business?

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Starting a new business is always exciting, and the time and effort that you put into it is rewarded when you secure your first client or make your first sale. If you’re starting an independent handyman or plumbing business, you may not have the room to store all of your tools, materials, and equipment in your house or garage. If that’s the case, it’s important to have a secure storage solution where you know everything is safe and sound. At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we have the perfect options for your new business.

dreamstime_xxl_141943 (2)Storing Tools and Equipment

Some of the first things you buy when starting a plumbing business are the appropriate tools and necessary equipment for tackling any job. You want to have what you need when a customer calls with an emergency, and if you don’t like the idea of storing everything in your garage or leaving it in your van or truck, a self-storage unit is a great alternative. Whether it’s long pieces of piping or new wrenches, you want to be sure that what you need is in a secure spot.

Easy Access

If you’re running your business on your own, your time is very valuable and you can’t be running to the hardware store every time you need a part. With a local storage unit, you can store all of your parts and equipment and have easy access that’s close to your current job site. Even if you serve the entire city of Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, you can find a conveniently located storage facility that you can access whenever you’d like, making it easy to pick up or drop off things when it works for you.

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Direct Deliveries

When you’re running your own business, you have to be manager, accountant, and every other role that a company requires. If you’ve found a good shipping and supply company that can send plumbing parts and tools directly, you can have deliveries made to your storage unit and our staff will make sure everything is put where it needs to be. This means you don’t have to be there to accept each package, and can focus on finishing your current plumbing job.

Affordable Storage

dreamstime_xxl_6004351A budget is key with any new business, and when you’re looking at your monthly expenses, you want to be sure you’re not overspending in any area. At EZ Storage®, we can help you find an affordable unit that works with your budget so you can work on making back your capital costs and increasing your profits. You have plenty on your plate with running a new business, and you shouldn’t have to worry about overpaying for storage. We also offer monthly leases on all of our self-storage spaces, so if you only need storage for three or four months while you work on securing a storefront, you can pay for the time you need and then move out!


If you’re starting a new plumbing or handyman business in Philly this spring, stop by one of our storage facilities to find the best solutions for all of your tools, materials, and more. We look forward to meeting you!

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