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An empty basement space ready for storage

Basement Storage Safety Hazards

In our recent blog posts, we’ve covered a variety of spaces in the home and what storage safety hazards they can present. We’ve looked at the closet, the garage, and the attic, and in this post, we’ll cover the final area of your home where things are often stored — the basement. At EZ Storage® […]

Modern bedroom with text "Three Benefits of Having a Bedroom in the Basement"

Three Benefits of Having a Bedroom in the Basement

While it may not make sense to put your master bedroom in the basement, a dedicated sleeping space on the lowest level of your home can be a great idea. Whether it’s for guests or your teenager, a basement bedroom offers many benefits and advantages.  At EZ Storage®, we offer outstanding self-storage solutions and can […]

organized storage in basement

Basement Organization Tips

A cluttered basement does you no good. The clutter makes it less useful as storage space since you will not be able to find anything easily. Furthermore, clutter can make access difficult if equipment such as a furnace needs to be serviced. Taking Inventory of Basement Clutter Before you actually start the work of organizing […]