Best Tips for Storing Clothing

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Clothing made the list of the top ten most popular items to put into our self-storage facility in Detroit. Many people keep their off-season wardrobe in storage so it doesn’t take up space in their closets at home. Others put their children’s clothing in storage until it’s needed for the next child. But almost all of us have more clothing than we use on a weekly, monthly, or even an annual basis, just taking up precious space in our closets. Whatever your reasons, we have space so you can keep clothes from cluttering up your home.

When you put your clothing into storage, you want to be able to pull it back out looking as great as you did when you put it away. To make that happen, you’ll need to do a little prep work before your trip to our storage center. Here are some of our best tips for storing your clothing so they look as good as new when you need them again.

Put These Tips to Work When Storing Your Clothing

Make sure everything is clean first.

You never want to put clothing away that hasn’t been cleaned first. Sweat, oils from lotions, and even food stains can eat away at the fabric while it’s in storage and you could end up pulling out clothing that just needs to be thrown away. Make sure that all the clothing you put into self-storage is freshly laundered first. Run them through your washer and dryer at home or take them to your dry cleaner before they make the trip to our facility.

Use plastic bins instead of boxes.

Avoid using cardboard boxes for clothing storage. In fact, it’s best to ditch the cardboard boxes for any long-term storage, but for clothing, it’s an especially important tip. Cardboard boxes can leave your clothing vulnerable to moisture, pests, and smells. Plastic bins will not only keep clothes safer, they’ll help you find the items you need when you are ready to pull them back out of storage. Plastic bins are much easier to transport back and forth from your home to our self-storage facility, too.


Hanging is better than folding.

While plastic bins are great, clothing does even better when it’s stored hanging up. That’s because folds and creases in the fabric can create worn spots over time. We have storage spaces that are big enough to hold clothing racks so you can safely hang up your items. Breathable garment bags are excellent for storage, too, and you can zip multiple items into one bag for cost savings. The combination of clothing racks and garment bags is ideal for high-cost clothing items like evening gowns, expensive jackets, and other items that might need a little extra care.

Layer with tissue paper.

If you do end up using plastic bins, layer your clothing with tissue paper. That will help protect the fabric from being damaged from creasing, folding, or rubbing together and weakening the fabrics. If your clothing has metal snaps, pulls, or zippers, wrap a bit of tissue paper around those items to keep them from snagging on fabric. You’ll be surprised at how much protection a little tissue paper can bring!

Keep clothes cool and dry.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure all of your clothing is stored in a cool, dry area. Climate controlled self-storage is best because you can be assured that your clothing is being stored at a consistent temperature no matter what season it is. Extreme temperatures can be hard on clothing, especially delicate items when they are stored long term, so keep them cool and dry and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

We Have the Perfect Clothing Storage Space for You

Whether you just have a few precious items of clothing to store or enough clothing to open a store, we have the space that you need. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our self-storage facility in Detroit and how we can help you keep your clothing safe until you need it again. With various storage space sizes, climate controlled environment, and competitive pricing, this is exactly what you need to declutter your home and free up space in your closets.

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