Best Ideas for Fine Artwork Storage

Women painting a yellow flower on canvas

All art lovers know that art is priceless. After you have finished painting, proper storage is vital as the amount of time, effort, and creativity you put in is a lot. As an artist, storing your artwork properly as you give them time to dry should be your number one priority. Even after you finish your painting, you need a lot of space to store your creations to avoid ruining the collection or erasing its potential value.

When storing your artwork, ensure you have the proper temperatures and humidity. Direct contact with sunlight, heat, humidity and environmental pollutants like emitted gases can destroy fine art.

In this article, we will discuss ways and ideas to store your artwork correctly to maintain its potential value so keep reading.

On-site Vs. Off-site Inventory Storage

With on-site storage, you keep all your painting essentials in the same studio you use while working. Most artists prefer off-site inventory storage since you need as much space in your studio as possible when doing artwork. Adequate space enables you to utilize all the existing space in your studio.

Benefits of Off-site Inventory Storage

  •   You have adequate space to work on other art pieces without distractions
  •   There is better organization of your art pieces
  •   You protect your artwork from any potential theft
  •   You protect your artwork from any environmental damage through climate-controlled storage

Who Needs Artwork Storage

Artists, art galleries, art supplies, and art students all need artwork storage. Utilizing the proper packing and moving supplies to help you store and transport your art pieces safely while you move around without damaging your artwork.

If you are an artist, you may need individual self-storage units to store your notebooks, paints, brushes, frames, and canvases. A self-storage unit keeps your supplies safe and accessible and gives you enough studio working space.

If you are an art gallery owner, you will need a business and commercial self-storage unit to store your surplus art and keep them safe from damage. An average art gallery should have 25 to 30 pieces of art. A self-storage unit gives you room to showcase your art pieces without distractions. It is also easily accessible if you need extra pieces in your gallery.

If you own an art supplies business, you will need a self-storage unit to store the extra supplies like paints, brushes, frames, and canvases.

Lastly, as an art student, you need a student self-storage unit. This storage allows you to leave your art pieces in a safe environment as the semester goes on. You can also store your art pieces in your portfolio if they are not dusty. Some portfolios are water-resistant and with ring binders that protect your art from damage.

How Should Artwork be Stored?

When storing your artwork, keep it in a cool, dry place with the proper humidity and away from sunlight. Your artwork is priceless, and exposure to environmental pollutants or high humidity can cause cracked paint, warping, and mold growth.

If you have framed art pieces, wrap the frames with heavy white or brown paper and use a packing wrap to seal them off.

One of the most important things to consider when storing artwork is the temperature. Fine paper, canvas, and paint can all suffer damage when exposed to heat, and the last thing you want is for something you created to fall apart. Keeping artwork in a controlled climate is often the best way to preserve it for an extended period of time.  Climate-controlled storage units have air conditioning systems that keep your humidity temperatures at an average level all year round.

Can I Store My Art Paintings by Rolling Them?

If you have finished painting and it’s properly dry, you can store it by rolling it and putting it in a packing tube. Roll the painting with the paint side out and not too tightly to avoid compression.

Rent a Storage Unit Today!

If you are an artist, an art gallery owner, or an art student, you need to store your art pieces and art supplies in an excellent climate-controlled environment to avoid damage. Art paintings require a lot of time and work; therefore, you should store your art pieces properly to prevent damage. 

Contact us today if you need to rent a self-storage unit for your art pieces and supplies. You can also reach out to us for more information on the safe storage of your art pieces. At EZ Storage, we also provide a storage space guide that will help you maximize your storage based on your space. You won’t have to worry about whether or not your work is safe!