Event Planning and the Holiday Season

Event Planning and the Holiday Season

Summer and fall can be a great time for events, and if you’re an event planner, then you’ve likely just finished your busy season. September and October may offer a bit of a reprieve, but with the holidays right around the corner, you might be looking at a second busy season of the year. At […]

How Many Times Have You Moved in the Past Year_

How Many Times Have You Moved in the Past Year?

Most people, in their lifetime, will move an average of 11 times. There are, of course, those who live in the same house for several years, and only move a handful of times in their life. Those in their twenties and thirties are more likely to move than those who have reached their forties and […]

Fall Storage Tips

Fall Storage Tips

As the weather in the Detroit area turns a bit colder over the next few weeks, you’ll begin putting away the shorts and t-shirts, and breaking out the jeans and sweaters. Preparing for the fall can present its own challenges as you get yourself, your family, and your house ready for the colder months of […]

Holiday Shopping Already

Holiday Shopping Already?

It may only be a couple of weeks into October, but you might have already begun your holiday shopping. Perhaps you found some great Columbus Day sales this past Monday, or you may have been thinking about what you were going to buy your special someone since they mentioned a gift idea over the summer. […]

Moving in Together_ Take Time to Organize_

Moving in Together? Take Time to Organize!

If you’re in a committed relationship, then sooner or later the question of moving in together will likely arise. You may be ready to cohabitate, while your partner is not (or vice versa), but when you’re both prepared to find a place, it’s important to be organized and logical about moving your belongings. At EZ […]

Organizing a Toy or Clothing Drive This Fall_

Organizing a Toy or Clothing Drive This Fall?

With fall now here, people are beginning to think about the holidays and the colder weather that will soon arrive. People will also begin to think about what they will buy for holiday gifts this year, and whether or not they need to purchase a new winter coat. Many will also think about those who […]

Get the Most Out of Your Garage This Fall

Get the Most Out of Your Garage This Fall

With October nearly here, you’ll likely be parking your car in the garage as much as you can over the next four to five months. If you and your spouse both have a vehicle that needs to be inside when it’s raining or snowing this fall and winter, then it’s important to make sure you […]

Repurposing Your College-Age Child's Bedroom

Repurposing Your College-Age Child’s Bedroom

Some of us may have been told by our parents that when we went to college, they were going to turn our bedroom into a home office or a home gym. Some parents may have done that, and now that you have college-age children of your own, you see the benefit of repurposing their old […]

Why do We Keep Belongings_

Why Do We Keep Belongings?

If you’re someone who holds onto belongings, then you likely have a good reason for doing so. You know that certain things are worth keeping, such as a family heirloom or a souvenir that you bought on a memorable trip with friends or family. You want to make sure these items are safe, and at […]

Moving to a New Place This Fall_

Moving to a New Place This Fall?

Fall may not be the best time to move, since you’re settling into a schedule or a routine following a busy summer, and moving can greatly disrupt your life. However, if you have to move because of a life change, or your new home is finally finished, then let EZ Storage® help make your experience […]