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Storage Units Cherry City, PA

Having a roommate can be a great thing, especially if you knew them beforehand and have several things in common. What is often not so great is finding space for all their belongings. If you lived in the house or apartment before they did, you took the time and energy to make space for their things, but once they moved in, you realized they had a lot more stuff than previously thought. The same might be true of your belongings, and if you need a storage space, EZ Storage® is here to help. We have affordable storage units near Cherry City, and can help you find the perfect one!

It’s important to compromise when deciding on storing your things along with your roommate’s belongings, and going through each room of the house, deciding on what should stay and what should be stored can be an effective approach. Once you’ve decided on what to store and packed everything up, we’ll help you pick a storage unit size that meets your needs. We offer monthly storage leases on all of our units, and both you and your roommate can save by splitting the cost of the lease.

If you live in Cherry City and a new roommate has just moved in, or you and your long-time roommate have decided to rearrange the house and put some things in storage, visit us today. We’re less than 15 minutes away, and our office is open Monday through Saturday. You can access your storage unit on any day of the year, making it easy to pick up or drop off items when it works for you. Call us at (412) 366-6080 today!