What Do You Need for College?

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June is nearly over, and while you’re looking forward to July and August, you know that summer is going to fly by. If you graduated from high school this spring, then you might be preparing for your first semester of college in the fall. This can bring about a lot of excitement, as well as anxiety, and one way to handle both emotions is to figure out what you need for your first year in college.

At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we can help you store those items that you’ve already purchased for college, as well as anything that you need to move out of your parents’ house before you move into the dorms or your off-campus apartment.


dreamstime_xxl_33602588 (1)If you’re moving into the dorms, then your school is likely going to provide all the furniture you need, including a desk, a chair, and a bed. What you won’t have are sheets and blankets for the bed, so finding new bedding will be key. You can always bring sheets from home, but having a new set or two for the semester can be a better option. It’s often an annual tradition for incoming college freshman to buy a new comforter, and having one can make your dorm feel more like home.


You might be moving into the dorms with a friend from high school, which means that you’re okay sharing the TV or the video game console with them. If you’re being matched with a random roommate, then you might not know what the entertainment situation will be, unless you talk to them before the semester starts. If you’re planning on buying a new TV or stereo, then make sure that your roommate knows that you’re bringing the entertainment solutions to your living space.

School Supplies

You probably haven’t purchased a pencil case in a few years, but you’ll still need school supplies for your first semester of college. A new backpack, folders, binders, and other essentials can help you stay organized, and you’ll be able to get your college career off to a good start.

Storage Options

A dorm room can be small, and it can feel even smaller when two people are sharing the space. Storage is key when it comes to dorm living, and investing in some plastic bins that slide under the bed or shelves that stack in the corner can make life much more enjoyable, not to mention organized. Over-the-door shoe hangers can keep your floor from getting cluttered with sandals and sneakers, and new hangers will help you keep your closet organized. Talk to your roommate about their storage ideas, and you can perhaps purchase an affordable shelving unit together that you can then both use.

Renting a Storage Unit

dreamstime_xxl_116703379Once you have everything you need for college, you’ll likely start counting down the days until you can move into the dorms. You’re ready to say goodbye to your childhood bedroom, and you may plan on leaving most of your mementos and belongings where they are. However, your parents may have other ideas, such as turning your room into a home theater or a home office. They’ll probably wait until you’re well into your freshman year, but if you’re not planning on coming home during the summer between semesters, then there’s no need for them to wait.

If you need somewhere to store your personal belongings so that they’re out of the house and out of the way, then let EZ Storage® help you find the perfect solution. You may have larger items like a couch or a bed frame that you need to store, or you may have a vehicle that you’re not planning on using during the semester. If that’s the case, then we can keep it safe until you need it again, or until you decide to sell it or give it to a friend or relative.

When you’re looking for self-storage units in St. Louis, come to one of our metro-area facilities and we’ll help you find the ideal space. If you’re getting ready for your first year of college, then we hope that this post will help you get everything ready.

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