What Can You Fit in Your Storage Space?

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When you rent a self-storage unit, you likely begin thinking about everything you can fit in there so that your basement, garage, and attic are free of clutter. At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we love helping our customers find the ideal space, but there are some things to keep in mind when moving boxes and furniture into your unit. Putting too much in one space can lead to damage when things tip over, or you can cause things to warp or break down due to insufficient air flow.

The amount of stuff you can fit into your storage unit will of course depend on the size of unit that you’ve rented. Our Size Guide can give you a few tips on what sort of things fit into each unit size, and in this post, we’ll talk more about a few of the sizes.

5’x5’ Storage Unit

dreamstime_xxl_3217300The 5’x5’ unit is the smallest space that our storage facilities offer, and it’s comparable in size to a small half bathroom. With 25 square feet to work with, you can bring a few boxes or small pieces of furniture to store in your unit. Obviously, the space is a cube, so you can stack boxes, but you’ll want to be sure everything is stable, and that you put the heavier items on the bottom.

10’x10’ Storage Unit

A 10’x10’ unit gives you bit more space, and with 100 square feet, you can bring a few of those larger items to your unit. If you have a couch or a piano, it should fit into your storage space without much hassle. You’ll also have the room for bookcases, boxes, and other mid-sized furniture. Basically, if you can fit it into a small bedroom, you can fit it into your storage unit.

10’x’30’ Storage Unit

The 10’x30’ storage unit is the largest option that you’ll find at your closest EZ Storage® location. It’s similar in size to a long one-car garage, which means that you can bring a vehicle that you need to store. You’ll also have room for furniture, boxes of holiday decorations, and other items that are taking up space in your house or garage. If you are parking a car or a motorcycle in your storage unit, make sure that you bring a cover for it, and that nothing is stored so close to it that items could fall and damage the vehicle.

Standard or Climate-Controlled Storage?

dreamstime_3636374Once you’ve chosen the right storage unit size, it’s time to decide whether you need a standard unit or a climate-controlled unit. Our St. Louis facilities have each unit size available in both standard and climate-controlled options, and the staff will gladly help you pick the best choice. If you have sensitive electronics or fragile antiques that shouldn’t be subjected to drastic temperature changes, then a climate-controlled unit is probably best. If all you’re going to store are standard household items, then a standard unit should suffice.

At EZ Storage®, it is our goal to make self-storage as easy as possible. For more than 40 years, we’ve helped people find outstanding storage options, and we know that we can help you find a unit that fits your needs and your budget. Every unit is available on a month-to-month basis, so you won’t have to worry about signing a long-term contract.

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