Use Your Time at Home to Organize!

Organized living room entertainment center

At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we know that this summer isn’t going to be like years past. People are going to be spending more time at home due to health and safety guidelines and limited travel options. While you may still be going to work and the grocery store, along with the occasional visit to a friend or relative’s house, you’re spending most of your time at home.

While you may not think that using this time at home to organize each room sounds like fun, it can actually be beneficial in many ways. It can keep you active, help you maintain better mental health, and create more space for the things you want to do while you’re at home. If you need a self-storage unit at any point this summer, please visit one of our metro-area locations to see how we can help you!

Keeps You Active

While summer is a time for being outside, you may not feel like being as active as you usually are, since you’re limited on the places you can go. Parks and playgrounds may be open, but if you’re not feeling safe about being in public areas, you might be limiting your outdoor activity to your own property.

Organizing and sorting your belongings may not sound like the most fun, but it can help keep you active while you’re indoors this summer. Carrying boxes and totes from the garage to the house, and vice versa, can help you get a little exercise, especially on those extremely hot days when you don’t want to be outside.

Better for Mental Health

Clutter can be one of the main contributors to stress and anxiety, so organizing can be very beneficial to your mental health. With this summer looking quite different than previous ones, it can be good to alleviate all the stress and anxiety you can. Spending a weekend going through your closets can not only help you get rid of clutter, you can also come across items that conjure positive memories of years past.

Organization can also help you feel like you’re in control of your home. With everyone home for the summer, including kids from college, the more organized everything is, the more at ease everyone will likely feel. If you have belongings that you need to store in order to keep the house organized, we’re always here to help.

Create More Space

It can also be smart to create more space in the house for indoor activities, such as family game night. You may also find that you finally have the time to set up the home gym that’s been sitting in boxes in the garage for several months. By rearranging certain rooms, such as the living room or guest bedroom, you can create the space you need for various activities.

This might require moving furniture around or taking certain things out of a room, but the result of this work can be the ability to do the things you’ve wanted to do for some time. A living room with more space can be more conducive to family time, and a guest room with a home gym can help you get a regular workout while you’re unable to go to your neighborhood fitness center.

Find Storage Today

Taking a few days this summer to organize your home can have substantial benefits. If you’re trying to remain active during these uncertain times, you want to eliminate as much stress as you can, and you’re looking to make more space at home, EZ Storage® is here to help. With one of our affordable and convenient self-storage units, you can keep certain belongings safe and sound for as long as you need.

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