Are You Subletting Your Apartment This Summer?

Furnished living room and text "Are you subletting your apartment this summer?"

If you’re planning to travel a lot this summer, either overseas or to see family and friends around the country, then you may be thinking about subletting your apartment for a few months. You may have friends or relatives who are looking for a place to live for the short-term, and subletting can make the most sense for both of you.

At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we can help you find the ideal self-storage solution for any belongings you need to store while you’re traveling. You’ll want to make room in the apartment for whoever it is that’s subletting the place, and a storage unit can be a great alternative to putting things in a friend’s garage or your parent’s basement.

How Does Subletting Work?

dreamstime_xxl_24526235If this is the first apartment that you’ve rented, then you might not be familiar with how subletting works. Your landlord or property management company has said that subletting is allowed, but you still want to be sure that you do everything correctly.

Before you moved into your apartment, you signed a lease for a specific amount of time. It may have been for six months or for a year, but the lease states that you are locked into that time commitment, unless otherwise noted. With a sublease, another person can temporarily take over your apartment, and they begin paying rent under the terms of the sublease. They might be paying rent to you, which then goes to your landlord or property manager under the terms of your original lease, but it at least takes the financial burden off of you of paying for an apartment that you’re not living in at the moment.

Storing Your Stuff

Since you won’t be living in your apartment for a few months, there might be some stuff that you want to put into storage. You’re likely subletting your place to someone you know, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings, but you may still want to move some items out of the way to make more living space. If the new tenant is bringing some furniture with them, you can move your bed, couch, and other pieces into a storage unit for safekeeping. If you have valuable items or antiques that you don’t want to get damaged, then putting them in storage can be the best way to protect them.

Month-to-Month Storage

dreamstime_xxl_35752453All of our self-storage units are available on a month-to-month basis, so if you’re only going to be gone from June through August, then all you’ll pay for is June through August. You can drop things off at your unit, and if you’re back in the city for the weekend, you can stop by and pick up something you need. If the person who’s subletting your apartment needs somewhere to store a few of their things, then you can split the cost of the unit with them!

At EZ Storage®, we’re here to help you find the best storage unit at an affordable price. If you’re planning to sublet your apartment this summer, and you need a place to store some of your belongings, then visit one of our Pittsburgh-area locations today.

We have storage facilities at:

810 Trumbull Drive
2654 Mosside Boulevard
1003 Ross Park Mall Drive

The staff at each location can help you find a suitable space, and you can choose between standard and climate-controlled storage units. If you have questions, the staff members or resident managers will be more than happy to help.

Enjoy your summer travels and don’t worry about your things while you’re gone by putting them into storage!