Storing Your Old TV

Modern tv mounted on wall and tv stand with text "Storing your old tv"

With the holidays fast approaching, you may be looking forward to getting those brand new electronics that you put on this year’s wish list. You may also be planning to take whatever holiday cash you get and put it towards the electronics that you don’t receive as gifts. Whatever the case may be, if you’re intending to replace your TV this winter, then you might be looking for a place to store your old television. At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we can help you find the appropriate self-storage unit for all of your electronics!

Use the Original Box and Packaging

When you purchased or received your current flat screen TV, you may have tossed the box and the packaging once the TV was mounted on the wall or sitting on the entertainment center. While you didn’t necessarily need the cardboard and Styrofoam™ taking up space in your house, you’re going to want them both when the time comes to store your old TV. Putting the screen back into its original box and surrounding it with the original packaging is the best way to ensure that its protected while in storage. Trying to create a makeshift box or padding the screen with random materials can lead to damage that renders the TV unusable in the future.


Storing a Console TV

Perhaps you have an old console TV that still uses cathode ray technology to project images on the screen. It may have been sitting in the basement for a long time, but you want to get it out of the way to make room for more important belongings. When lifting and moving a console TV, keep in mind that it will be much heavier than a flat screen. You may need help putting this type of TV into storage, and you’ll want to be sure that it’s not set on top of anything smaller or lighter than it is.

Choose Climate-Controlled Storage

If you plan on using your old TV in the future, then you’ll want to choose a climate-controlled storage unit. By controlling the temperature and humidity inside your storage space, you’ll be able to protect the sensitive electronics inside your TV. Hot and cold can take their toll on even the oldest of televisions, and if you plan on repairing or reinstalling the TV, you’ll want to keep it safe from harm. At EZ Storage®, we have a wide variety of climate-controlled options.

There always seems to be a new size and type of TV on the market, and if you’ve asked for one for the holidays, or you’re planning on purchasing one yourself in the near future, then let us help you find a suitable self-storage unit for your older model. We have four locations in the greater St. Louis area, and each one has the options and solutions that you need. Visit one today to find the right space for your electronics. The staff members and resident managers will be able to answer your questions and help you find the appropriate unit. We offer month-to-month leases, so you can rent for the time you need.

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