Post-Holiday Stress? Take Time to Declutter!

Closeup of man holding holiday presents with banner text "Post-holiday stress? Take time to declutter"

Last month, we spoke about defeating holiday stress by having less clutter in your home. Now that the holiday season has come and gone for most, you may be feeling good about how you handled the stress of everyone coming to your house, and all the stuff that they brought with them. Gifts and other items have been put away, and your house is in a relatively clean condition.

However, if you’re not feeling this way, and your house feels overrun with things that have been left out and new items that are still sitting where they were unwrapped, then EZ Storage® is here to help. With one of our self-storage units in St. Louis, you can overcome your post-holiday stress by decluttering your house and getting things back to normal.


Seasonal Gifts

Even though it’s winter in Missouri, your friends and relatives may have given you something that you can’t use until spring or summer. You may have received a new piece of clothing that you can wear to the beach, or an outdoor tool that will come handy when the ground thaws, but until then, you’ll need to store the item somewhere. If you have holiday gifts that you won’t use for at least three or four months from now, then why not store them? You love the gifts you got, but there’s no need for them to take up space in the house until April or May.

Cleaning Up the House

Once your holiday house guests have gone home, you’ll likely spend a few days cleaning up. As you’re rearranging the guest room and putting things in the closet, you may come across a box of belongings that you’d forgotten about long ago. It might be a box of old high school mementos or family photographs, and you’d honestly forgotten that you still had these things. After you spend some time looking at everything and reminiscing, you might decide that it’d be better if the box were in a more secure place. By moving these items into storage, you can keep them safe and create more space in the guest room closet!

Give Yourself Room to Breathe

dreamstime_xxl_55753066After the holidays are over, you may feel like you finally have room to breathe. You’re not going a hundred miles a minute, trying to get the house ready for guests or trying to find the perfect gift for someone special. However, if you sit down in the living room and see clutter everywhere, your first instinct will be to pick things up and put things away. You may need to put furniture back in its proper spot, and you may decide that you want to move some things out of the room permanently. With the right self-storage space, you can store those items that you want to keep, but don’t necessarily want in the house. When you get home, you’ll have more physical space to use, which can also give your more room to breathe.

The holidays are supposed to be an enjoyable time, and you may have loved every minute you spent with friends and family. However, now that they’re over, you’re looking forward to some well-earned peace and quiet. If you need a storage unit in St. Louis, then let EZ Storage® help you find the right one.

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