Garage Storage Safety Hazards

A view of a messy garage with toys, bicycles, clothes, and other stored items

In our last post, we looked at some closet storage safety hazards and how you can avoid property damage and personal injury when storing things in your home. We hope that you found the post helpful and perhaps changed some of your organization tactics throughout the house. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we love helping people find the appropriate self-storage unit for things they want to keep safe. If you’re thinking about renting a storage space, visit one of our metro-area locations today!

In this post, we’ll take a look at some garage storage safety hazards and how you can set up your garage for better organization and safer navigation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us right away.

Stacking Things Too High

Whether you’re putting things on a shelf or on the floor, there comes a point when the stack of boxes or tubs gets too high to be safe. Molded, stackable plastic tubs can offer a bit more stability, but it’s still good to be cautious when putting one on top of another, especially on a high shelf in the garage. Not only can there be a tipping hazard, but the higher a pile is stacked, the harder it can be to retrieve something when you need that top box or crate.

Instead of stacking several boxes or tubs, see if you can condense the contents of a few smaller containers into one or two bigger ones. If you have multiple boxes of holiday decorations, put everything together into one or two tubs and stack them against the wall or on a shelf. If you have boxes of random belongings stacked in the corner of the garage, go through each one and see what you can get rid of!

Clutter Near the Stairs

If your garage has steps leading up into the house, then it’s imperative to keep them clear of clutter and debris. If the kids have a habit of leaving toys or sports gear on the steps when they come inside, designate a spot in the garage where they can deposit these items. If you have boxes or tubs stacked next to or near the stairs, make sure there’s no chance of things falling onto the steps (this can be accomplished by not stacking boxes or tubs too high!).

You can also make it a rule that nothing gets stored near the stairs, unless it can fit underneath them. You can mark the staircase with reflective tape on the side of each step, as well as on the floor, in order to designate where things can and cannot be stored.

Objects Not Properly Secured

Wall and ceiling storage solutions are very popular in garages, as they get things off the floor and out of the way. However, if things aren’t properly secured, they can pose a serious hazard to anyone walking through or driving into the garage. A bike that’s on a loose ceiling hook could fall and damage your car or truck, or worse, strike you or a member of your family.

If you’re going to add wall or ceiling hooks in the garage, make sure they’re rated properly for the amount of weight you want them to hold. You can always hire a professional to install wall or ceiling racks for you, and the job shouldn’t take more than a day or two.

Find Self-Storage Today

As you’re creating a safer environment inside your garage, you’ll likely find some things that need to be stored elsewhere. Whether it’s holiday decorations, seasonal sports gear, or outdoor furniture, if you have items that you want to put into self-storage, our team is here to help. We can show which storage units are available, and you can rent one for as long as you need. Once you’ve leased a space, you can access it on any day of the year.

At EZ Storage®, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and unit selection. With multiple locations across the greater Detroit area, we have a facility that’s close to your home. Our staff and resident managers are always happy to help however they can, and they’ll gladly answer any questions you have about your unit, our security, and our property.

We look forward to seeing you soon!