Your Winter Storage Checklist

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Now that October is here, colder weather isn’t far behind. Even though winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21st, people across the Midwest know snow and freezing temperatures will soon be here. At EZ Storage®, we can help you find the ideal self-storage unit for anything you want to keep safe this winter.

As you’re going through your house, deciding what to put into storage for the next four to five months, it can be good to make a checklist. This will help you not only choose what to store, but it will also provide an inventory of what’s in your storage unit!

Storing Your Spring & Summer Apparel in the Winter

The days of wearing shorts and t-shirts are mostly gone, and in their place are days where pants and jackets are needed. As you put away your spring and summer apparel, you may find you don’t have a lot of room for your fall and winter attire. Your closets and dressers might be packed to the brim, with it being nearly impossible to find what you need to wear for the day.

An alternative to packing all your warm-weather apparel into your closet is to pack it up and store it for the winter months. It should only take a few boxes or tubs to fit everything, and you can put those boxes and tubs into into climate-controlled storage units and leave more room for your cold-weather clothes!

Secure Storage for Your Outdoor Gear & Accessories

You may spend every summer and fall camping, hunting, and enjoying the great outdoors. While some of those outdoor activities continue into the fall and winter, you’re probably not spending quite as much time outside once the temperature begins to drop. If you have camping gear and other outdoor accessories you want to keep safe, it can be a good idea to put them into self-storage, where they’ll be safe from damage.

The garage or basement are options when it comes to storing outdoor gear, but you have to find space for everything once the season ends. You might find that the spot you had for your tent or your kayak has been taken up by something else that was moved into the garage or the basement. These areas can also be prone to water damage, and the last thing you want is for your expensive camping gear to get ruined. A secure, climate-controlled storage unit is a great option when it comes to protecting your outdoor items.

Seasonal Storage for Motorcycles & Recreational Vehicles

Once the weather begins to change, your motorcycles, ATVs, and other recreational vehicles tend to get parked until spring returns. There might be a few nice weekdays or weekends during October and November when you can take your motorcycle out on the road or hit the trail on your ATV, but those chances will soon become few and far between. Instead of trying to squeeze these vehicles into your garage or storing them under a tarp or in a shed this winter, why not move them into a secured vehicle storage space?

We can provide the ideal spot for your recreational vehicle, and you can rest assured that it will be safe and sound until you come to pick it up next spring. If there happens to be a nice day when you want to go for a ride, all you have to do is come by our facility, pick up your vehicle, and bring it back once you’re done!

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Find The Perfect Storage Unit Today

At EZ Storage®, we proudly offer monthly leases on all of our storage units, which means you can rent for the time you need. As you’re making your winter storage checklist and packing up your warm-weather attire, outdoor gear, and more, you won’t have to worry about paying for more time than you need. Once you’ve rented a space, you can access it on any day of the year, even holidays!

We have EZ Storage locations in Michigan, Missouri, and Pennsylvania, and each one of them is equipped to provide you with the perfect self-storage space. The staff and resident managers at each location will gladly answer any questions you have about renting a unit, storing your items, and accessing your space.

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