Working on Your Organizational Skills This Summer

Very organized home office setup

It’s been a few months since the New Year started, but perhaps one of your resolutions this year was to be more organized. You might have done a few things in the past five months to organize the house, but the summer can be the perfect time to really ramp up your organizational skills. With a bit more free time, and the kids home from school to help, you can tackle those tough projects such as organizing your home office or cleaning out the garage.

At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can help you find the perfect self-storage unit for anything that you want to move out of the house, but don’t necessarily want to get rid of at this time. Things such as important files, seasonal toys and equipment, and extra furniture can be stored for as long as you need!

The Home Office

This room is often one that can be tough to organize, especially if you work from home. Your office is where you keep all of your important files and papers, and you might have some type of organizational system, but unless you stay on top of it, things can get out of hand quickly. You always mean to put papers in the proper place, but it’s often easier to just set them down and come back to them later. The problem is, you don’t ever come back to them and you eventually put something else on top of them.

Taking a few days this summer to organize your home office can make life much easier. You can go through your papers and figure out what can be tossed and what can be filed away. If you have boxes that need to be stored elsewhere, then your storage unit will provide the perfect space.

The Garage

During the colder months of the year, you likely store bikes, the lawnmower, and other outdoor items in the garage. You want to keep everything safe until you need it, but when you go into the garage during the summer, you can’t find what you need because everything has been pushed into a corner in order to make room for the cars.

As you take things out to use them this summer, use that as an opportunity to evaluate whether you need to keep everything in the garage, or if some things could go into storage. Do you need to put up hooks so that bikes can hang from the wall or the ceiling? Are there extra bikes that could be stored until you decide what to do with them? Organizing the garage often requires thinking differently about the space and how you can maximize the square footage that you have.

Your Bedroom

The bedroom is where you spend lazy mornings on summer weekends, as well as where you go to relax after a day out in the sun. If the room is feeling cluttered, or there is one too many pieces of furniture, then it could be good to move some things out of the way. The best place to start is often with your dressers and/or closets.

You have a spot in your bedroom for all of your clothes, either in a dresser or in the closet. Start by going through everything and seeing what you could donate to a local charity. If you have seasonal clothes that you don’t need until winter, then box them up and put them into storage. By decreasing the number of clothes you have in your bedroom, you might be able to get rid of a dresser and create more space in the room. If you have any furniture that you need to store, then your storage unit will provide the perfect spot. You’ll have less to keep organized in the bedroom, which means you can focus more on enjoying those lazy weekend mornings!

Find Storage Today

As you’re working on your organizational skills this summer, keep in mind that there’s an EZ Storage® location not far from your home. With several storage centers in the greater Detroit area, we can provide you with the ideal space for any of your belongings. We can also offer tips on how to keep your self-storage unit organized!

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