What’s Your Favorite Summer Sport?

Close-up of baseball mitt laying on the ground with a baseball

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy your favorite sports. You may have one that you prefer over others, or you may be someone who likes to play a variety of games throughout the warmer months of the year. Whichever you choose, you’re likely going to need some type of equipment to play, and that equipment is going to take up space in your home.

At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we can help you find a self-storage unit for all your summer sports gear. Whether you’re golfing every weekend, hitting the diamond to play baseball or softball, or out on the water with your new pair of skis, one of our spaces will keep everything safe and sound.


Golfing is a very popular pastime, and you might try to get in as many rounds as you can during the summer. Perhaps you bought a new set of clubs for the season, and you’re working on getting your handicap as low as possible. You’re also visiting the driving range each week to work on your distance, and you may also be thinking about entering a few tournaments this summer.

With any new set of clubs, it’s important to keep them clean and protected. The garage is the most likely place to store them, but if you don’t have the room, then you can move some extra boxes and other items into storage, and create a spot for your clubs. You’ve been meaning to get some things out of the garage anyway, and this can give you an excuse to organize your belongings and make room for your new golf investment.

Baseball and Softball

When people think of summer, they often think of baseball and softball season. The weather is nice, and you don’t know of anything better than heading to the ballpark on a sunny afternoon. You might play on a team from work, or you may coach your kid’s baseball or softball team. Whatever the case may be, you’re going to need gloves, bats, and perhaps helmets. If you’re in charge of all of the equipment, then a storage space can make sense. If you’re only responsible for your own glove and bat, then you can keep everything in your trunk and have it ready to go for each game.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to baseball and softball equipment is finding somewhere to store it once the summer is over. If you have bags of baseballs, along with batting helmets, gloves, and bats, then a self-storage unit can be a great option. You can store everything for the fall and winter, and then pick it up in the spring!

Water Skiing

Your favorite place in the summer may be a nearby lake or reservoir. You love spending time on the water, whether it’s in a boat or on a pair of water skis. You may have skied since you were a child, and you love getting up on the water and skimming across the waves. When given your choice of summer sports, you’ll pick water skiing every time.

However, you likely only visit the lake on the weekends, since you’re too busy during the week to get away. This means you’ll need somewhere to store your skis, life jacket, and other watersports equipment. One of our storage units can be a good choice, or, as with the golf clubs, you can move some things out of the garage to make room for your summer sports gear.

Find Seasonal Storage Today

Since you’re going to be using your summer sports equipment during the season, it might make more sense to keep everything in your car or in the garage. Once the season is over, however, you may want to put everything away and not have it taking up space. With our monthly lease options, you can rent seasonal storage and protect your golf clubs, baseball equipment, and water skiing gear for the colder months of the year.

At EZ Storage®, we’re dedicated to helping each customer find the right self-storage solution. With several locations across the greater St. Louis area, we can provide you with a unit that’s close to home.

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