What’s Under Your Bed?

A bedroom view of a bed with decorated pillows and a nightstand

It’s perfectly normal to store things under your bed — after all, there’s all that space! However, it’s important to keep track of what you put under the bed, since it could mean the difference between finding something quickly and looking for hours around the house until you remember where it’s stored. At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we can help you find the perfect self-storage unit for anything you want to move out from under the bed and into a secure space.

When was the last time you cleaned things out from under your bed? You might be surprised at what you find there! If you’re thinking about putting some things into storage, visit one of our five metro-area locations to see which units are available.


If you love to travel, then you might have quite the collection of luggage. From small carry-ons to large suitcases, you have a luggage option for every trip. Underneath the bed can be an ideal spot for storing your luggage when it’s not in use, especially if you don’t have the space in your bedroom closet. Big suitcases can take up a lot of room, even when empty, since they’re rigid and designed to withstand normal wear and tear.

One thing to consider when storing luggage under your bed is what material it’s made out of, and how that material stands up to temperature changes and different humidity levels. There isn’t a lot of airflow underneath a bed, and if your heating and cooling ducts are pumping hot and cold air around your luggage, it could be prone to damage.

Photo Albums

Perhaps you’re someone who loves taking pictures, and you have albums upon albums of photos stored in boxes under the bed. You might not have the space on your bookshelves or coffee table for every album, so you keep most of the stored the majority of the time. You may also have photo albums from your parents or grandparents, and you want to keep these precious memories as safe as possible.

It’s important to consider how and where you store photographs, especially older photos that weren’t printed on high-quality or archival paper. If you haven’t looked at your photo albums in some time, it could be a good idea to pull the boxes out and go through each one. You can also take this opportunity to scan older photos and save them as digital files so that you have them forever, even if the originals begin to deteriorate beyond repair.

Childhood Mementos

If you’re someone who’s held onto their childhood mementos, such as toys, games, and clothing, then underneath the bed can be an ideal place to store these items. You might have things stored in cardboard boxes or the original box they came in, and it’s important to check on the condition of these items from time to time. Older toys and clothes can be stored in sturdy, low-profile plastic bins for improved protection, and with the right approach, you can store multiple bins under your bed. These bins should also protect your childhood mementos from pests and insects.

Find Self-Storage Today

When you’re cleaning and organizing under your bed, always remember that if you have some things you want to put into self-storage, our team is here to help. At EZ Storage®, we can help you find the ideal climate-controlled storage unit for your luggage, photos, childhood treasures, and more. A climate-controlled space can be a great solution for any material, such as leather, paper, or fabric, that you want to protect from fluctuating temperature and humidity levels. We can show you which units are available, and we’ll gladly answer any questions you have.

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