What Do You Have the Most of?

Garage with white drywall and shelving full of boxes and items

At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we understand that there are items in your home that you need, as well as items that you want to keep, even if they’re not necessary to your daily life. In the boxes and tubs you have stored in your garage, you’ve put away items that mean something to you, and you keep other things out that you use on a daily basis.

However, there are also items that you put away or keep stored that you don’t really need and that don’t necessarily have any sentimental value for you. You bought these items once upon a time, but now that you no longer use or need them, they just sit in a closet or a corner of the garage. Putting these items into self-storage can get them out of the way, but before you do that, it’s a good idea to see what you have the most of.


We all own clothes. Some of us own more than others, but everyone has a closet or dresser that’s full of shirts, pants, and other apparel. If you go shopping for new clothes each year, then the older garments may get relegated to the back of the closet or the bottom drawer of the dresser. You may box up cold-weather clothing during the summer and vice versa during the winter.

Clothes can take up a lot of space, and if you’re holding onto all of those old t-shirts from high school and college, then it can be a good idea to put those boxes into your storage unit. You have some attachment to them, but you’re really not planning on wearing them ever again. Storing them can help you clear out your closet, and you can always donate the shirts later on to a local charity or nonprofit.


Furniture can have a way of piling up in your house. When you buy a new couch or chair for the living room, the old pieces often get taken to the basement or are claimed by one of your kids. Furniture that needs to be fixed may get put in the garage or backyard shed, and it stays there for a long time until you finally get around to repairing it.

You may have furniture from when you first moved into the house, but those pieces are now quite outdated, and you’ve replaced them with more modern and more comfortable options. However, the old furniture is still somewhere in the house. Putting your excess furniture into storage will get it out of the house, and you can keep it safe until it moves to college with your child or you sell it during your next garage sale.


Perhaps you’re someone who always buys the latest gadgets when they are released. These devices and machines can make your life easier, but as soon as a new model is available, you go get that one. While there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with technology, there might be a box or cabinet somewhere in the house that’s full of your old gadgets. Everything still works fine, but you have no need for those old devices.

Donating or selling outdated gadgets can be a great way to clear some space, but if there are some you’d like to hold onto, then add them to your self-storage unit. They’ll be protected from damage, and if you choose a climate-controlled space at one of our Detroit locations, you won’t have to worry about your electronics being damaged by extreme heat or cold.

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