What Can You Get Rid of in The New Year?

Interior of a closet with feminine garments hanging on closet rack.

It might be hard to believe that 2019 is almost over, but the truth is, the new year is just around the corner. With just a couple of weeks left in December, you might be thinking about what your New Year’s resolutions will be, such as joining a gym or finally starting on that book you’ve been meaning to write.

At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we’re all for resolutions, but we’re also interested in helping you get your house more organized in 2020. With one of our self-storage units, you can put away those items that you want to keep safe, and while you’re going through everything, decide what you could get rid of in order to make more space in the house!


Everyone has clothes that they love to wear, whether it’s a comfortable pair of jeans or a dress that looks absolutely amazing on you. However, how good are you at getting rid of things you no longer wear on a regular basis? If you have a closet full of clothes, then take a day or two and go through everything, and consider how often you wear a certain item. You can separate things into categories, such as everyday wear, formal wear, and workout clothes. From there, you can decide what can be donated, what needs to be thrown away, and what you could put into boxes and store for the season. When you’re done, you should have a closet that’s much more organized and full of things you love to wear!


You may have spent months looking for the perfect furniture set for your living room or bedroom, and once it arrived, you wondered how you went so long without owning comfortable, matching furniture. Now that a few years have passed, and the couches and chairs are more broken in, you might be thinking about updating again.

If you’re going to be buying new furniture this holiday season, then make sure you consider what pieces you’re going to get rid of in order to make room for the new options. You can always stash a chair or couch in your storage unit, should you want to hold onto it until your child takes it to college with them or needs furniture for a new apartment, but everything else could be sold or donated to a local charity.

Sports Gear

If you have kids who play sports, then you know how quickly they break in or outgrow sports gear. It seems like yesterday that you bought them their first bat and glove, but now those items are simply sitting on a shelf in the garage. You may also have summer and winter sports gear, such as inner tubes or skis, that are taking up space in the house, but no one seems to use them any more. The new year can be a great time to get rid of those things that are no longer useful to you and your family, and you can store those few items that you see yourself using in the next year or so.

Putting sports gear into storage can also help keep it in better shape, since there’s less risk of it being damaged, such as when it’s in the garage or elsewhere in the house. With a climate-controlled unit, you can protect any gear that’s made of plastic or wood, keeping it safe from warping and cracking during prolonged periods of disuse.

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As you’re deciding what to get rid of this new year, you may find items that you want to put into self-storage. By visiting one of our metro-area locations, you can find the perfect space at a great price. Our staff will be more than happy to help you, and can answer any questions you may have.

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