What Are Your Summer Plans?

Ray-Ban sunglasses propped up on sand pile with text "What Are Your Summer Plans?"

It may only be the end of March and spring may have just begun, but before you know it, summer will be here and your days will be filled with lots of fun activities. Sure, you’ll still have to work, but you might be planning to take a vacation or spend a few days at home with the kids. Whatever your summer plans are, EZ Storage® in St. Louis is here to help make sure you can enjoy them. If you need to store a vehicle for a month or two, or you finally want to organize your basement, we can help you find the ideal storage unit!

Taking a Trip

dreamstime_xxl_41560617What is summer without a summer vacation? If you’re planning to take a trip and you need to store a vehicle while you’re gone, then we can help you find the best spot for it. We have spots for cars and motorcycles, and you’ll know that your vehicle is safe and sound while you’re away from home.

House Projects

While they may not be at the top of your list, house projects can be a good thing to get done during the summer. You may have one or two rooms that you want to organize and declutter, or you may have grand plans for your backyard. Whatever the case may be, if there are things that you need to move out of the house (or yard) and into storage, we’ll make sure you have the optimal unit.

Taking Up a New Hobby

Summer can be a great time to take up a new hobby, whether that’s building model airplanes or trying your hand at playing guitar. However, hobbies can often mean buying new gear and equipment, and if you need to clear out the home office, spare bedroom, or garage to make room, then we’ll gladly protect the belongings that you need to put into self-storage.

Have Friends and Family Over

dreamstime_xxl_35610308Perhaps you’re not planning on going anywhere this summer, but rather, friends and family are coming to see you. You can host backyard barbecues for the neighborhood, and you can have outdoor movie nights on the lawn. If friends or relatives are planning on staying at your house, you can make more room for them by clearing those random belongings out of the guest room and putting them into storage for a few months.

Whatever your plans are, EZ Storage® is here to make sure that you have the space you need for those things you want to store during the summer months. You might want to organize your house so that you can have a garage sale, or you may need somewhere to park your motorcycle while you’re on vacation. Regardless of the circumstances, we can provide you with a self-storage unit that is both affordable and convenient. We offer access hours on every day of the year, so you can stop by when it works for you.

Call or visit one of our St. Louis-area locations today. We look forward to seeing you this summer!