What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

Closeup of holiday wreath and mistletoe with banner text "What are your holiday traditions?"

If your family has holiday traditions, such as hosting a large dinner for everyone or driving around town and seeing the lights, then now is the time of year when you start to get excited. Thanksgiving is only a few days away, and once the December holidays arrive, you’ll likely be overtaken by a busy schedule that includes shopping, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we’re here to help you find the right self-storage unit for anything you need to move out of the house for the holidays, or those large gifts that you need to keep hidden for a few weeks!

Black Friday Shopping

dreamstime_xxl_7190047Many people’s favorite holiday tradition is to wake up early the day after Thanksgiving and find amazing deals on a bevy of gifts. You and your family make a game plan every year on which stores you’re going to visit, and which items you’re going to try to get before they’re all grabbed off the shelf. If you plan on buying a bunch of stuff, then you may need somewhere to store some gifts before December. Putting those larger or more expensive items in a storage space that you already have can be a great way to protect them from damage and keep them away from prying eyes.

Gathering Donations

The spirit of giving is found around every corner during this time of year, and it’s important to remember that not everyone is fortunate enough to have friends or family who get them gifts. Your family may have a tradition of gathering donations of toys and clothing, or your church or office may be organizing a donation drive for a local shelter or nonprofit. Whatever the case may be, it can be very rewarding to give to those less fortunate than you during the holiday season, and should you need storage for boxes of clothes or toys, our facilities will be more than happy to help.EZ Storage_CTA9

Hosting the Family

Your holiday tradition likely revolves around family, and whether you’re shopping together or gathering donations together, you love spending time with your loved ones. This may be the only time of year that you see your aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins, and you want to cherish every moment you have with them. Many people will travel from far away to see family, and if you have relatives staying with you, then make sure you have enough space to keep everyone comfortable. When you’re rearranging and reorganizing the guest bedroom, keep in mind those things you could put in storage for a month or two. You may also be thinking about cleaning out the garage so that you can park your car or grandma’s car inside during the snowstorm that inevitably hits while family is visiting.

Whatever your holiday traditions are, it’s good to focus on what’s most important – the wellbeing and happiness of those around you. If you’re stressed about how you’re going to get the house ready before everyone arrives, or you want to be sure that the present you purchased will be safe until you can give it to your friend or family member, then let EZ Storage® help. We can provide month-to-month storage for anything that you want to keep safe, including those donations that will be distributed sometime in December or January. Above all, we want you and your family and friends to have a safe, happy, and enjoyable holiday season.

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