What Are Your Fall Storage Needs?

Close up of a rake being used to rake leaves in a yard

Fall is just a little over a month away, and as your summer winds down, you’re hopefully looking forward to all that the autumn season has in store for you. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can help you find the perfect self-storage unit for anything you need to store during the fall, whether that’s lawn and garden items, summer toys, or a vehicle you won’t be using for the season. Visit one of our metro-area locations today to learn more!

Lawn and Garden Items

There are some lawn and garden items that you may need during the fall, such as rakes for gathering leaves and hoses for watering those late-blooming flowers or end-of-season vegetables. However, if you have shovels, planters, and other things that you won’t be using again until next spring, then it can make sense to put them into storage. Instead of trying to cram everything into the garage or leaving it outside all fall and winter long, you can protect your valuable lawn and garden tools until you need them again.

Summer Toys

Summer is supposed to be a time filled with fun, and that fun often comes in the form of outdoor toys such as pool noodles, yard games, and other amusements. You use these things all summer long, but once back-to-school time rolls around for the kids and you’ve used all your time off from work, those toys need to be put somewhere. While you can deflate the pool floats and beach balls, and break down the yard games, you need a place to keep them safe until next year. This is where self-storage can prove to be a very smart choice!

Storing a Vehicle

Perhaps your summer was spent on your favorite two- or four-wheeled vehicle. You took your motorcycle out every weekend, and you may have even gone on a few expeditions on the back of your new ATV. Whatever the case may be, a busy fall schedule can often eat into the time you have to enjoy using these types of vehicles. The weather begins to get colder as the days get shorter, and the opportunities to go for a ride get fewer and farther between. Storing your motorcycle or ATV for the fall can help make sure it’s protected from the elements, and you also won’t have to try to make room for it in the garage.

Visit Us Today

No matter what your fall storage needs are, EZ Storage® is here to help. We offer monthly storage leases on all of our units, and you can choose between a standard or a climate-controlled space. Be sure to ask the facility’s staff or resident managers what sizes are available, and feel free to ask any other questions you have about storage. Above all, we want you to feel confident that you made the right choice in choosing one of our Detroit locations.

Fall will be here before you know it — find your new storage unit by visiting us today. We look forward to meeting you!