Turn Your Loft into A Usable Space

A grey bed on a wooden bedframe in an empty room

If your home has an attic or loft space that could be used as livable space, why fill it up with boxes or extra furniture? While it can function as a suitable storage space, you could use it as an entertainment area, a sewing room, or a guest bedroom when people come to visit. Even though the space may be small, there are countless things you can do with it! At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we’ll keep those surplus belongings safe and sound so you can expand your living space and enjoy your home even more.

A Home Theater Area

dreamstime_xxl_46722337Depending on how big your loft is, you could turn it into the perfect home theater area. Placing a couch at one end and mounting the TV at the other can make a cozy spot where you and the family can sit down and watch movies together. If you have teenagers who love to play video games, you can create a location where they and their friends can retreat and you don’t have to hear the noise of their game.

A Reading Nook

If your loft is particularly small and the walls are slanted on all sides, it can make for the perfect little reading nook. A comfy chair and a well-placed lamp can make an ideal spot for hiding away and curling up with a good book. If there are too many other belongings stored up there, your hideaway can begin to feel cramped.

A Place for Guests

If you have a smaller home, a loft can be the perfect choice for a guest bedroom. You may have relatives or friends who come to stay a few times a year, and for those who can easily climb stairs or a ladder, the loft can be the perfect sleeping spot. If guests are bringing their kids with them, the parents can take the guest room on the main floor, while the little ones take the bed or air mattress in the loft.

A Flex Space

dreamstime_xxl_27636318If you’re not sure what you want to use your loft area for, consider clearing it out and using it as a “flex” space. You don’t have to dedicate it to one purpose, and if you need to use it as a guest room for one weekend and a sewing room the next, you can easily make that work. What doesn’t work is not being able to move around up there because there is so much stuff in the way.

When you’re thinking about clearing out your loft or attic and storing those extra belongings somewhere else, contact EZ Storage® in St. Louis today. We have multiple locations across the metro area, and our monthly leases make it easy to store things for as long as you need without being worried about being locked into a contract. We have multiple unit sizes available in both standard and climate-controlled layouts, and our staff will gladly help you find the perfect option.

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