The Key to Downsizing

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Downsizing is quite popular these days, as people attempt to live with less. The minimalism movement has spread across the country, and with people building tiny houses so they can travel from place to place, they want to have fewer things they have to take care of or find a place for in their home. Even if you don’t live in a tiny house, it’s okay to downsize and get rid of some things every year. If you have things you need to store, EZ Storage® in St. Louis is here to help. In this post, we’ll look at the key to downsizing – deciding what you really need to keep.

Going Through Your Home

dreamstime_xxl_43888996Downsizing can seem like a challenge, especially if you’re someone who creates emotional bonds with certain items based on their sentimental value. While it’s perfectly okay to keep an heirloom or something that a relative gave you as a gift, it’s good to go through the rest of your belongings and decide what can stay and what should go.

Begin by sorting items into a few categories. They could be sorted into “keepsakes,” “functional items,” “furniture,” and others. You know that you want to hold on to the keepsakes, but what about that end table that you don’t really use any more? You may have clothes that you no longer wear, and instead of them taking up space in your closet, you can donate them to a local charity or church group. You don’t have to feel like you have to get rid of everything, but picking a few items can make you feel better and that your house is less cluttered.

Storing Items

There are going to be those categories that you’re not sure what to do with, but you know you don’t want to get rid of everything in them. If your goal for downsizing is to create more room in your house, a self-storage unit could be the perfect option. You don’t have to rent a large unit, and a smaller one could suffice. The things that you don’t donate, throw away, or recycle can be put in your unit for as long as you need, until you decide what to do with them. You might be holding on to the keepsakes until your son or daughter has room for them, or you might be planning on moving to a smaller house and you need storage until you can arrange a garage or yard sale.

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Tough Decisions

We know that downsizing can bring about some tough decisions, and that parting with belongings can be hard for some. It can be good to start with books or CDs you no longer read or listen to, as that can help you get rid of a large volume of items that were taking up a lot of space and then move on to larger items such as furniture. If you’re torn on whether or not to get rid of something, hold onto it until you’re more at peace with what to do with it, and if you want to store it, we’ll be here to help.

We have four locations across the St. Louis metro area, and each one has affordable options that will fit your needs and your budget. You might be getting rid of things so you can travel during your retirement, or you may be simply trying to live with less stuff in your house. Whatever the case may be, we’ll help you find the ideal unit. Our month-to-month leases make it easy to store things for as long as you need.

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