Summer Storage Ideas

Garage wall with particle board holding up tools with text "Summer Storage Ideas"

Summer will soon be here, which means that you’ll be spending more time outdoors with friends and family. The kids will have their bikes in their driveway and their toys in the backyard, and you will likely spend a few minutes each day putting things away. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we’re here to help you store that things that you don’t have room for in your garage or backyard shed, so if you’re looking for seasonal storage, visit one of our locations today!

Shelving and Pegboards

dreamstime_xxl_15715343When it comes to your kids’ outdoor toys, it can seem like there’s never enough storage for anything. However, with the right shelving and pegboards in the garage, you can keep everything organized and easy to find. If there are things that can be kept outdoors, such as plastic toys and sports gear, then consider putting a shelving unit outside the back door. You can always get baskets or crates with lids to keep the rain off of your items, and the kids will be able to retrieve their toys without having to rummage through the garage or the shed.

If you have items that the kids no longer use, or are too big for a shelf or a pegboard, then you can bring them to your self-storage unit. We’ll keep everything safe until you decide to come pick it up or donate it to a local charity.

Making Space Inside the House

Shelves and pegboards can help you make more space in the garage and in the yard, but what about inside the house? If you have friends or family coming to stay, or you have a kid in college who’s coming home for the summer, then you may need to create more living space inside the house. This can require moving furniture around and putting things into closets, which may mean you need to move some items out of the way. If your closets are full of things you never use, then the best thing could be to put those items into storage. That way, you’ll have space for the things you need to move out of the way, but may still need in the house. Once your house guests or college students are gone, you can put things back the way they were and still have plenty of room in your closets!

Get Everyone Involved

dreamstime_12825242Before you start moving things and organizing your home and yard, get everyone involved and listen to their ideas. Ask the kids where they would like their toys to be, and talk to your spouse or partner about the best approach for rearranging the spare room. If you just start moving things or putting them in the first place that you see, you could end up with a system that’s more disorganized and inefficient than you had when you started. Some simple planning can help you come up with the best solution, and having everyone involved will make them feel like they did their part for this summer’s organization. Instead of searching for things or worrying whether or not people are happy and comfortable, you can focus on enjoying the season yourself.

If you need self-storage this summer, then come to EZ Storage® in Detroit today. The staff at each one of our locations can help you find the ideal unit, and they’ll gladly answer any questions you may have. Every unit is available on a month-to-month basis, and you can access your storage space on any day of the week. We want our storage to fit your schedule, not the other way around.

Contact us now to get started. We look forward to meeting you!