Your Summer Road Trip Checklist

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In our last blog post, we talked about getting your boat ready for the summer, but what if you’re planning to spend the summer on the road rather than on the water? A road trip can be a great way to see the country and visit friends and family, and the staff at EZ Storage® is here to help you find the ideal self-storage units in Philadelphia for anything you need to store while you’re gone. If you’re planning to be on the road for a month or more, then we can keep your things safe and sound!

What Will You Need?

There are probably lots of things that you want to take with you on your road trip, but it’s important to be smart about what you pack in your suitcase and in your car. After all, you’re going to be in your vehicle for a majority of the time, so you don’t want it to be filled to the brim with stuff you may not even need.

1. Suitcase

dreamstime_xxl_95469862This is an obvious one, but it’s important to have the right suitcase (or two) with you on your trip. You’ll need one that’s big enough to pack the clothes you want to take, but that’s not so big that you have trouble carrying it into the hotel, motel, Airbnb, or friend’s house that you’re staying in for the night. You’ll need room for several outfits, but keep in mind that you’ll likely be able to do laundry somewhere along the way, even if it’s at a laundromat you spot alongside the road. Speaking of laundry, be sure to pack a bag for your dirty clothes so that you can keep them separated from your clean apparel.

2. Entertainment

Listening to the radio while in the car might be fine during your daily commute to work, but it can be difficult to find a station you like when you’re hundreds of miles from home. There will also be times when you’re out of range of most radio signals, and that’s when you need something to listen to, such as a CD of your favorite music, a podcast, or an audio book. If you’re bringing a music player or tablet so that you can listen to your favorite tracks or podcasts, make sure that you pack the charger, and that it’s accessible when you need it.

3. Emergency Roadside Kit

Hopefully you’ve taken the time to tune up your car before you leave on your road trip, but even if you have, it’s important to be prepared for roadside emergencies. Make sure that you have jumper cables, a flashlight, and road flares or emergency cones. You probably won’t need tire chains, unless you’re planning to drive through mountains where snow could be present. You’ll also want to pack simple mechanic’s tools just in case you need to make some quick repairs (as long as you know what you’re doing). It can also be a good idea to look up mechanics and auto shops along your route before you leave on your trip.

4. Cash

dreamstime_xxl_9800230While debit and credit cards are accepted nearly everywhere these days, it’s always a good idea to have some cash on you while traveling. You may end up at a gas station or diner that doesn’t have a prepay or card reader option, which means you’ll have to pay cash for the fuel or food that you need. Setting a daily budget can help you determine how much cash you’ll need, depending on how long you’ll be gone.

These four things are clearly not the only things you’ll need for your summer road trip, but they’re a good place to start. Having a map or an atlas with you can help you find your way when your phone can’t get a good GPS signal, and packing some snacks in a cooler can help you save money on those tempting items at the convenience store.

At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we’re here to help you find the perfect spot for any belongings that you want to store while you’re on your trip. With month-to-month leases, you can rent a space for as long as you need, and you can pay your bill online from wherever you happen to be. Our staff and resident managers will be here to help however they can.

We look forward to meeting you!