Storing Your Winter Clothing

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At EZ Storage®, we’re always excited for the arrival of warmer weather. Warmer days mean you can spend more time outside — and they also mean you can finally put away those bulky winter clothes for the season. Below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about storing your winter clothing safely and effectively. 

If you need a self-storage unit for your winter jackets, snow gear, and more, our team can help you find the ideal space. Read on for tips and advice about how best to store your winter clothes in storage units, and visit one of our locations today to learn more!

Wash Everything

Before you start putting winter clothes into boxes and tubs, it’s a good idea to wash everything first. For most things, like sweatshirts and pants, you can simply put them through the laundry. Other items, like jackets and delicate sweaters, may need to be washed by hand or dry cleaned before they’re put away for the season.

Whatever the case may be, getting all of the dirt, oil, and other substances off of your winter clothes can help keep them in good condition until you need them again at the end of the year.

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Fold or Box Everything

Outerwear such as coats and jackets can usually be folded for storage, but if you have a coat that could be damaged by folding, consider investing in a wardrobe box. A wardrobe box provides a rod where coats and sweaters can be hung for safekeeping, helping them keep their shape, and the cardboard will protect the outer layers of the garments.

Shirts and pants can be folded or rolled and put into boxes or tubs, since these will retain their shape fairly easily. For winter shoes and boots, it’s best to stuff them with paper to ensure they don’t get crushed and lose their integrity. Boots can be laid on their side for storage, and be sure to add a layer of something between each one, using a clean towel or shirt (preferably something that’s lint free).

Choose a Climate-Controlled Space

Heat and humidity can quickly damage clothing, which is why it’s best to store your winter clothes in a cool, dry spot. Our storage centers have climate-controlled units, where you can control the temperature and humidity levels all summer long.

Specialty clothing can also benefit from climate-controlled storage — if you have a ski jacket that you want to use for years to come, for instance, putting it into climate-controlled storage can be your best option. We can help you find the right size of storage unit, and with our month-to-month leases, you only have to rent storage for the time you need. For more general clothing storage tips, no matter the season, check out our best tips for storing clothing

Seasonal Changes for Storage

If you run a local clothing store or consignment shop, you have to change with the seasons and rotate your stock as the weather changes. As fall approaches, you’ll start taking your summer clothes off the racks and hanging up the coats, jackets, scarves, and more. But where can you store all of your summer inventory?

If you don’t have the storage space for your summer inventory, EZ Storage is here to help. With one of our affordable spaces, you can keep everything safe and sound until the weather warms up again! For more information about how to store your clothes in the summer, learn how to store your summer clothing inventory here.

Seasonal inventory changes are a great reason for businesses to look into storage units, individuals can also take advantage of personal storage units to clear up space in their closets at home.

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We know how excited you are to enjoy the warmer months of the year, but if you’re thinking about where and how to store your winter clothes, we’re here to help with innovative self-storage solutions. Find the EZ Storage location closest to you today by taking advantage of our Self-Storage Locator

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