Storing Your Yard and Garden Equipment

Red lawn mower cutting grass with text "Storing your yard and garden equipment"

August is nearly over, and for those in St. Louis, that means the end of the gardening season will soon be here. You’ve hopefully been able to harvest lots of tomatoes, summer squash, and other vegetables from your garden, but as fall approaches, your mind turns to cleaning up the yard and putting everything away. At EZ Storage®, we can provide adequate self-storage for any yard and garden equipment you don’t have space for at home. Visit one of our locations today!

Rakes and Shovels

Every gardener needs reliable tools such as rakes and shovels, but finding a safe place to store these tools can be a challenge. You may have hooks or a rack in your garage, but if you’re looking for a more suitable solution, a large trash can may suffice. If you’re putting these tools into a storage unit, look for a trash can that’s big enough to hold multiple items, and place each tool in the bin with the handle down. You can put this trash can in the corner of your unit, and you’ll want to be sure no sharp tines or points pose a risk to anyone’s eyes. You can always cover the garden tools with a blanket or sheet to provide additional protection.

Lawnmowers and Chainsaws

dreamstime_xxl_37909837You’ve spent all summer making sure your yard looks immaculate and that those low hanging tree branches have been trimmed. You’ve mowed the yard every week, but now that cooler weather is on its way, you can put the lawnmower away for the season. With any equipment that runs on gas, such as mowers or chainsaws, you’ll want to be sure they’re completely drained and properly plugged before you put them into storage. Not only can gasoline pose a hazard in a closed space, but if you leave gas in a piece of equipment for a few months, it can cause internal problems and make it hard to start the equipment once spring arrives. Cleaning and preparing your gas-powered tools before storing them can help ensure they work perfectly the next time you need them.

Garden Hoses

dreamstime_xxl_25440426The St. Louis area usually sees a decent amount of rain during the summer, but there are still those hot days when your yard and garden need a drink from the hose. Once fall arrives and you no longer need your garden hoses, it’s important to fully drain them and wrap them up for the season. If you’re going to put hoses in your storage unit, be sure to disconnect all attachments such as nozzles or sprayers, and check that there is no water left in them. Coil them up on a hose spool and lay them flat in your storage space so that they retain their shape and are usable next year.

If you’re getting ready to put all of your yard and garden equipment away in the next few weeks, and you need a secure place to store some things, come to EZ Storage® today. We have four locations across the metro area, and the team at each one will gladly help you find the ideal unit.

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