Storing Your Work Trailer

Red car on trailer and text "Storing your work trailer"

If you own and operate a construction or landscaping business, then you likely have a trailer or two that you use on a regular basis. Summer is your busy time of the year, and you take your trailer from job site to job site, hauling equipment, sod, and everything you need to get the job done. At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we can help you find the ideal self-storage option for your work trailer once the busy season is over.

Getting Your Trailer Ready for Storage

dreamstime_xxl_49808250Your trailer goes through a lot every time you use it. The tires and suspension are subjected to bumps in the road, and the trailer bed has things loaded into and dropped on it. Before you store your trailer, take the time to check every part of it, from the axles and the hubs to the tires and the hitch coupler. You want the trailer to be in good working order the next time you need it, and greasing the axles and checking the tires will ensure it’s ready to go.

If your trailer has hydraulics for dumping and loading, then that means there’s a battery on it. If you’re going to be storing your trailer for a long time, then it’s a good idea to disconnect and remove the battery so that it’s protected from damage and corrosion. The next time you need your trailer, you can simply reconnect the battery and check the hydraulics for proper operation.

Jack Stands and Tire Chocks

While on the job, you’re used to your trailer sitting there and the tires and suspension supporting the trailer’s weight. Since you know the wheels will be rotating the next time you drive the trailer, you don’t have to worry about the trailer sitting for too long in one spot. The tires will wear evenly, and the bearings will get the oil they need as you drive.

When it comes to storing your trailer, you know it will be sitting for an extended period of time, so it’s important to have the appropriate jack stands. This will take the weight off of the tires and suspension system, and can keep your tires from going flat over time. Make sure that you place the jack stands on the right spots, and never on the axle tubes.

If you’re only going to park your trailer for a few days, then tire chocks can be a suitable option. You want to make sure that your trailer won’t roll away, especially if the ground is a bit uneven. At EZ Storage®, we’ll help you find the perfect outdoor spot for your trailer, and make sure that it’s protected at all times.

Tarps and Covers

Since your trailer will be stored outdoors, it’s smart to have a tarp or cover to protect it. Your trailer bed is likely finished and sealed, but it’s always good to safeguard it against the elements. If you’re going to store your trailer over the winter, then a heavy-duty tarp will keep the rain and snow off of it, and when you’re ready to attach the trailer again, all you’ll have to do is pull of the tarp, connect the hitch, and take off!

Find Your Storage Spot Today

Even though you’re in the middle of your busy season, now is a great time to reserve your storage spot for the fall and winter. All of our storage leases are monthly, so you’ll only have to pay for the time you need. Our staff members can answer all of your questions, and our state-of-the-art security system will keep an eye on your trailer the entire time it’s here.

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