Storing Your Valuable Piano

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If you, like countless others across the country, took piano lessons as a child, then you know how valuable a piano can be. Your family may have had their own piano, or you may have gone to a neighbor’s house to take lessons, but whatever the case may be, you still notice the instrument when you walk into a house that has one.

Pianos have a certain presence, and if you still play or you’ve inherited one from a parent or grandparent, then you want to be sure to preserve it as well as you can. If you need to move it to a storage facility to store your piano for a period of time, EZ Storage® can help you find the perfect spot for it!

Hire Piano Movers

dreamstime_11237462While it is possible to move your piano on your own, it can be quite a chore, given how heavy most pianos are. Even the smallest upright models can weigh a couple hundred pounds, and the last thing you want is for the piano to be damaged while being moved. The small casters on the bottom are fine for moving it away from the wall to sweep behind the instrument, but when you’re moving the piano to another house or a self-storage unit, it can be a good idea to hire professionals who will come prepared with the proper equipment, such as piano dollies and moving straps.

It’s very possible that your piano is the most valuable piece in your home, and it’s important to protect it during transit. Take the time to do research into moving companies that can help you transport the instrument, and there may even be a piano company nearby who can lend a hand. Talking with an expert can give you insight on how best to move and store your instrument.

Climate-Controlled Options for Piano Storage

You may only be planning to store your piano for a few months, but you still want it to be in working order when you take it home. Since the instrument’s body and keys are made of wood, and the strings are made of steel, they can be susceptible to drastic temperature changes. Storing your piano in a climate-controlled storage unit will prevent the wood and metal from warping and expanding, which will keep the instrument in good working order. You will likely still need to have the piano tuned once it’s out of storage, but you’ll know that everything is protected as it should be. Keeping the temperature and humidity at reasonable and consistent levels will help maintain the longevity of your piano.

Finding the Best Unit Size for Your Piano

dreamstime_12151467 (1)Depending on the size and shape of your piano, you’ll want to find a storage unit that can adequately accommodate it. We have a number of storage unit size options available, and a 5’ x 15’ or 10’ x 10’ unit could be the best option. If you’re storing the piano bench and a few boxes of sheet music and music books with the instrument, you’ll want to be sure there’s room for everything. You’ll also want to pad the legs and corners of the piano to protect against scratches and scuffs during moving and storage, and cover the entire instrument with a lightweight and breathable material. If you have a baby grand or grand piano, make sure the lid is closed and that nothing is stacked on top of it. This will protect the integrity of the instrument’s body and remove the risk of denting or scratching it.

If you have a piano that you need to store, either while you renovate your home or decide what to do with the instrument, visit your local EZ Storage® facility today. We have locations that are all equipped with climate-controlled units and that have a helpful staff who will assist you in finding the best option.

We look forward to helping you!

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