Storing Musical Equipment

A close up camera view of a Direct Inject box for a guitar

If you’re in a band, own a music store, or you simply have a large collection of musical instruments, you may need a storage unit to keep everything safe. Guitars, trumpets, and other instruments require certain care before storing them, and it may be best to choose a climate-controlled unit for storage, since temperature fluctuations can have drastic effects on wood, strings, valves, and more. At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we can help you find the best solutions!

Instrument Cases

dreamstime_xxl_10675644If you have an instrument, hopefully you have a case for it. Whether it’s a saxophone, bass guitar, or a snare drum, it’s important to have a properly fitted case for each one. There are of course both hard and soft cases to choose from, and when it comes to storage, it’s often best to go with hard cases. This will protect the instrument should anything fall onto the case or you hit it against something during transit.

The inside of most instrument cases are lined with velvet, foam, or some other type of cushioning. This is to protect against scratches and other damage, but you’ll want to be sure the cushioning is good for long-term storage. If you’re planning to store your instruments for several months, you may want to put something between the instrument and the padding, such as a sheet or acid-free paper.

Cleaning Your Instruments

Every instrument requires you to touch it to play it, and that means you’re transferring oil from your hands to the strings, wood, or brass. It’s important to clean each instrument thoroughly before you store it, and if you have a clarinet or another type of woodwind that can be taken apart, it’s good to clean each piece separately. You’ll also want to make sure drum heads are loosened and that everything is wiped down with an appropriate cleaning agent.

dreamstime_11754054Once everything is clean, in its case or covered, and ready to store, you’ll want to think about where to put each instrument in your storage unit. Stacking isn’t usually an option, so you’ll want to make sure there’s enough space for everything. If you have amps or other electronics to store with your instruments, you’ll want to make sure they’re covered so that dust doesn’t settle in the exposed tubes or get into the microphone or input jacks. Your goal is to have everything sound great when you take it out of storage (after some tuning, of course).

If you have a collection of musical instruments that you need to store, come to EZ Storage® today. You may be starting a band or you may be simply cleaning out your basement, and whatever the case may be, we’re here to help. We can show you a number of great unit options, and our month-to-month leases make it easy to store your instruments for as long as you need without having to worry about a long-term contract.

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